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More than a review, this will be nothing more than a further chat to convince you of the goodness of Okami, perhaps pushing you to finance (again?) Capcom to produce a worthy one following. Drying concepts, structures, formulas and paragraphs, removed a couple of physiological innovations of this edition, we had already talked about Okami HD a few months ago and it was easy to applaud a good conversion of a product that became legendary only many years later. Looking back, the Japanese creative era on PlayStation 2 has lived on very many highs, but not all have reached the most: Okami is the first of a non-trivial list of products now widely recognized and appreciated, but at the time the domain of a few close friends. We will not therefore be explaining to you who Amaterasu or Issun are, nor how many iterations the brand has produced in its twelve years of life. Today we will focus on the cornerstone of a single console with an equally flair only: Okami in movimento.

To draw

Let's start with a curious analogy: Okami on Switch takes up the artistic logic of the Wii edition, allowing you to control the famous "brushstroke" via the left or right joycon gyroscopes. The legacy works even better here: the precision of the stroke is the result of a movement entrusted to the wrist, finally free from pointing, which makes the action of painting an optional addition capable of fluidify comfortably the playful flow. After the long tutorial, the speed of handling the brush using the gyroscope comes out naturally, making the search for infrared arm an element of the past and thus allowing you to draw lines quickly, precisely, without getting tired.

The choice whether to use it or not is left to the player but its effectiveness grows in the advanced stages, in those moments when you have to smear the canvas with more than a simple straight line: let yourself be carried away with this style of play and you will have your satisfaction. What sort of ironically does species is the impossibility practice of using this excellent type of controls in total portability: the adoption of the gyroscope inevitably works in table and docked mode, but it is difficult for us to think of seeing you on the bus holding Switch with one hand and using the other to draw . Oh dear, you can leave the controls to one of the joycons while it's connected to the body of the machine, but that's the furthest thing from advice we can give you. It remains to be discussed on the Touch option, but once again it does not seem easy to manage on the move. These elements, however, lead us to the greatest congenital value of this conversion.

Okami everywhere

Trivially, that's right: a delightful, graceful, full-bodied and excellently packaged adventure is for the first time since its conception available with absolute dignity in portable mode. It all works great, just like on screen or on higher performing consoles, but it does it everywhere thanks to the Switch. The resolution stops at 1080p docked, of course, but you understand for yourself that a port that also sees its cousins ​​- even PC - forcibly running at 30 frames has little to envy; on the contrary, we go so far as to say that it can even look from top to bottom precisely because it is an experience to carry around. On the options side, the possibility of displaying it in 16: 9 or 4: 3 is back, as well as activating or not the minigames in the loading screens. On the performance side, on the other hand, tiny drops in absolutely sporadic frames do not spoil even a second of an exceptional product, nor do they manage to undermine the whole some textures that are clearly not updated but which thanks to the sublime graphic style are timidly combined with the context without necessarily being a right in one eye.

Kamiya's masterpiece therefore manages to land perhaps in the best way on a small but versatile console thanks to a no-frills conversion work: HexaDrive has once again managed to give new life to the product that more than any other represents the ex-Clover . The experience of enjoying Okami HD on the go, perhaps with stop-and-go sessions, turns out to be an excellent ace in the hole for Capcom, a port that has not shocked anyone given the growing installed of the machine but which certainly allows a virgin user of Okami to be able to use it at a price that still remains manageable, despite the dozen years that separates us from its first release.


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Again, Capcom proves to have understood that Kamiya's work deserves even more potential audience, for this reason the port on Switch - in addition to having been carried out in the correct way - strengthens the hopes of a sequel in the future. Gyroscope and portability color the brand in a different color, completing it and theoretically putting the point to a long series of refinements. Thanks to a not impossible price, Capcom has taken Okami almost everywhere, honoring one of its most valid titles. A must purchase for those who are still dry.


  • It is played everywhere and well
  • Great gyro controls
  • Flawless port ...
  • ... except for very rare micro slowdowns
  • Some texture a bit 'sparse
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