Oculus Link: Beta version of new Quest software available

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Announced last September 25th during the'OC6, Oculus Link is finally available in beta. The new software will allow not only to explore the content library for Rift, connecting via PC, but will also give gamers the opportunity to try all the triple A VR games available within the catalog. In order to make the most of the new software, Quest owners who have a compatible gaming PC simply need to connect their headset to the USB port and through the Oculus desktop application, browse and purchase apps and games.

Oculus Link it will work with most cables USB 3.0, in the future the company has announced that a fiber optic cable (5 meters long) to offer the best VR experience with maximum throughput and greater freedom of movement. Distribution will take place starting this year, albeit in limited quantities, and will then expand at the beginning of 2020.

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