Ocarina of Time: discovered a pre-release beta full of cut content

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The Legend of Zela: Ocarina of Time it is undoubtedly a masterpiece of the videogame media. Released in the distant November of the 1998 su Nintendo 64, the game, in addition to having screened the series created by Shigeru Miyamoto in the world of 3D, also dictated the rules of the genre Action Adventure for years to come. A historically important title that is still loved by all gamers today. Even today Ocarina of Time does not cease to amaze its fans, thanks also to one beta version license plate 1997 unearthed by a group of fans. The Twitter account Forest of Illusion shared images of this unedited version on the social network, showing several content cut e some game mechanics that didn't make it into the final product.

Forest of Illusion says that in the beginning the cartridge found by them, a particular one version dedicated to developers of the Nintendo console, it contained a copy of F-Zero X, however, it later transpired that the cartridge had been rewritten. Going back to the previously uploaded content they discovered this particular version of Ocarina of Time which, according to the group of fans, would have been created to be shown at the Nintendo Spaceworld of 1997, a conference called by the Kyoto house similar to modern E3. The cartridge would contain more or less half of the entire game and would also have unedited map areas.

One of the most interesting discoveries is the discovery of a text containing the explanations of some magical medallions that he should have used Link in his adventure, too bad they were all cut from the final game. The medallion of the soul it would turn Link into a fairy, just like ships, allowing him to fly around the map. The light medallion would have allowed our hero to preform an attack similar to that of the arrows of light at the end of the game. Finally the dark medallion it would hide Link from enemies, allowing him to go unnoticed. If you want to know more about the discovery of Forest of Illusion, discovering all the cut contents found in the Ocarina of Time cartridge, we refer you to his account Twitter.

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