Objective / Trophy Guide "Whoever Finds Keeps"

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Thief - Guide to all secret areas


This is stuff for real tough, refrain wasters.

Objective / Trophy Guide "Whoever Finds Keeps"

This is probably the toughest result in the game. Secret areas are the alternate paths that can be discovered by attempting to solve the mission in different ways. You could get there by going through a closed window, or by unscrewing the screws that keep a ventilation duct closed. Unfortunately, there is no help in the game to facilitate this undertaking: unlike the collectibles, there is no system that keeps track of the secret areas already discovered, and even the game map (very poor) certainly does not simplify things. .

Here's a little tips for finding all secret areas of Thief without losing your mind:

The secret areas to find are 73 in total. Every time you enter one of these you will hear a metallic sound (sometimes you will even have to interact with certain collectibles or other to activate the sound, if this does not happen the area is not counted as discovery). The sound is not very loud, so I recommend turning down the volume of the effects and voices so that you are always safe when discovering a new area.

Below is a video showing where all the secret areas are located. Do everything exactly like in the video. If you are really aiming to unlock the result, I recommend starting a new game and making a save every time you unlock a new secret area. As mentioned there is no way to keep track of progress, so if you skip one without realizing it you will have to repeat it all over again.

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