Objective / Trophy Guide "Officer's Cloth"

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Let's see a little trick to quickly climb the multiplayer levels of Sniper Elite 3

Objective / Trophy Guide "Officer's Cloth"

First of all it is good to know that in Sniper Elite 3 the player level is unique and applies to both the single and multiplayer component. This means that the experience points (XP) earned in the campaign also help you level up your character.

Therefore, if you are aiming to achieve the level 31 (the best), I recommend first of all to complete the campaign well. In this regard, I suggest you consult the Sniper Elite 3 tricks and guides tab where you will find several guides that will help you complete the game and all the optional tasks, in order to earn as many XP as possible.

Once the campaign is over, you must know that it is possible earn experience points quickly playing a private multiplayer game, proceed as follows:

- create a private deathmatch game on the Rat Run map, set to "One shot kill"
- invite a friend or, if you have another controller, log in a second account
- As soon as the game starts, take the kill, then exit after the kill is recorded
- repeat as many times as you want

This way the killer gets 600XP (survivability) + 600XP (ranged shot). If you are playing with a friend, run him while shooting to earn another 400XP (sprinter). The process takes about 1-2 minutes, so you should be doing no less than 48.000 XP in an hour. Exactly 31 XP is required to get to level 101.000

Good Luck!

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