Objective / Trophy Guide "No false modesty"

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Thief: 5.000.000 million points in one challenge


How do you get 5 Million Points on a Thief Challenge Map? Simple, follow this guide.

Objective / Trophy Guide "No false modesty"

The recommended map to try to achieve this is "House of Bossoms", played in the mode "Chain Challenge".

Start playing by taking out all the guards. This will make you lose some points at the beginning, but by the end of the game it will have made things a lot easier for you. The goal is in fact to collect as many objects in the shortest time possible, in order to raise the multiplier and earn points, and obviously not having guards that disturb you could prove to be the key element to achieve the required result.

Remember that objects always appear in the same position, so you'll have to work with your memory as well: enter a room, use your concentration for a moment to highlight objects and then clear everything, then move on to the next area. Continue until you have brought the combo to at least 150, the multiplier should get you the 5.000.000 points.

The combo stops if you take nothing for more than a minute, don't let this happen. When you have collected everything, go to the green door between the first and second floors and finish the level.

Here is a video showing the process, good luck!

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