No Signal on Amazon Fire TV Stick, 7 Solutions

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Even with several Android-based alternatives, the Amazon Fire TV Stick remains one of the best sellers. The new user interface, powerful processor and rich App Store deliver a satisfying big screen experience. However, you may sometimes find yourself in front of a black Amazon Fire TV Stick screen or no signal while watching the latest TV series or movie.

No signal on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Read on to learn how to fix no signal on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

1. Check the power supply

This is one of the most common problems with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. When the Fire TV Stick is connected to the TV, it must be connected to a constant power source and with the supplied adapter. You need to check the power source and make sure it is on and working. If there is a problem with the power supply, you will not be able to get a reliable signal on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

2. Try the Fire TV Stick on another TV or monitor

This has happened with many users who have tried the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Older TVs don't support Fire TV Stick 4K due to minimum hardware requirements. We used the same Fire TV Stick with another TV and then with a monitor using the HDMI slot and it worked flawlessly. Try doing the same thing.

3. Check the power cord

Amazon offers a power and data cable for connecting the Fire TV Stick to a power source. If that cable is frayed or not connected properly, you will continue to see the no signal error on the Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you notice wear or tear on either side of the data cable, replace it with another good quality third-party cable.

4. Check the HDMI dongle

Not all TVs have a proper HDMI slot for connecting the Amazon Fire TV Stick. In some cases, it may be necessary to move the HDMI cable a little. However, not all HDMI dongles are of high quality. In some cases, you may find yourself with a lower quality dongle and ruin the signal on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

5. Check your Internet connection

For a flawless streaming experience with your Fire TV Stick, you need a high-speed internet connection. With an unstable wireless connection, you will continue to experience buffering and other problems. If you are using a dual band Wi-Fi router, connect your Fire TV Stick to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequency and not a 2,4 GHz frequency. You will see improvements in Internet speed.

6. Check the Amazon servers

Amazon Fire TV Stick is powered by Fire OS running on Android. This is done on Amazon's AWS servers. While they are considered the gold standard in terms of uptime and overall reliability, AWS may have problems from time to time. In these cases, you will not notice the no signal error on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

You can go to Downdetector and search for AWS. If you notice strong spikes in reports, then it's a confirmed problem on Amazon's part. You have no choice but to wait for Amazon to fix the problem.

7. Restart the Amazon Fire Tv Stick

Due to the absence of signal errors on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you will not be able to perform a software restart using the Fire TV Stick remote. Instead, you need to remove all devices connected to the TV and try again.

  1. Turn off the TV and remove the HDMI stick from the HDMI port. 
  2. Unplug Amazon Fire TV Stick from power and wait 5 minutes.
  3. Turn on the TV and reconnect the Fire TV Stick.
  4. Press a random button on the Fire TV Stick remote for a few seconds before continuing.

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So have you fixed the Amazon Fire TV Stick connection error?

If you live in hot areas, the Fire TV Stick may overheat and stop working. You have to remove the Fire TV Stick from the TV and let it cool down. Reconnect and try to recover the signal on the Fire Stick.

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