No Play Store on Smart TV - How to install apps? [Resolved]

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Android devices can only be considered intelligent if we manage to install applications that are useful to us. It means that if you want to watch videos, the device should be able to run Youtube, Netflix and to browse the internet, there should be some browser apps and for browsing files, there should be some File explorer applications. Furthermore, it must be easy to install apps using a centralized platform like the Google Play Store.

Today we are going to talk about a serious problem faced by many Smart TV users. This is the Google Play Store. The Play Store is not available today on many Smart TVs available on the market. For various reasons, manufacturers deliberately hide this APK.

How to download the Play Store on your Smart TV?

Since some manufacturers preload the Play Store on Smart TVs, it is not possible to justify who does not install it. Without the Play Store, it is difficult to find the suitable version of an app supported by your Smart TV. Even the apk files that are available outside the Play Store, most of them don't support Smart TVs.

How to install apps without Play Store?

Try the apk version of the target app

One possible way to install apps on Smart TV is by using its apk file. Apk files of all apps in the Play Store are available for download. You can use sites like apkmirror, apkpure, etc. To get the corresponding apk file. Once the relevant file has been downloaded, you can transfer the file to the Smart TV using a USB file.

For some apps, there are many versions that match the architecture. So make sure you download the one that best suits the architecture used by your Smart TV. Similar to Android smartphones, you have to select the option "Install from unknown sources”To enable the installation of apk files outside the Play Store.

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Aptoide - The best alternative to the Play Store on Smart TV

Aptoide is an alternative to the PlayStore for Android devices. You can download almost all the apps available on the Play Store using Aptoide. It has a huge collection of apps which are ready for download. Even though there are markets like Fdroid, GetJar, Apkmirror, none of them work on a Smart TV.

You can install them all, but it is difficult to use the TV remote to control these apps. Aptoid lists the apps that support your device. You can click the Install button to install the apps directly on the TV.

Since Aptoide is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Play Store or Google, many of you may have doubts about its safety. As it is an open community, you need to worry about security issues. But the Aptoide team provides clarification on the security aspects. There is an antimalware system, which scans every file that is sent to Aptoide's system.

Aptoide claims to scan the sent file with 6 antivirus programs and hence there is no chance of malware infection in the apps sent to Aptoide.

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How to install Aptoide on your Smart TV?

Step 1: Download the Aptoide Apk file. You can download Aptoid TV apk from here.

Step 2: Now move the downloaded apk to a USB device and connect it to the TV. If you have browser support on your TV, you can download Apptoide Smart TV apk directly to your TV.

Step 3: Once you have the apk file on your TV, install it. Make sure you have "checked" the installation from unknown sources to install apps outside the Play Store.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the screen.

Aptoide works like Play Store. Aptoide TV version lists all apps supported by your Smart TV. So, if there is no Play Store on your Smart TV, you can make use of this clever innovation.


In my opinion, devices without some advanced OS cannot be called smart devices. In the case of Smart TVs, it should be running Android, iOS, or at least an operating system suitable for running on the internet.

There should be some useful tools for finding and downloading relevant apps. Without these simple functions, a TV cannot be called a Smart TV.

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