No Man's Sky: what are the best planets and how are they located [PS4 - PC]

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No Man's Sky: what are the best planets and how are they located [PS4 - PC]


In this guide we see how to find the best planets in No Man's Sky.

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It's true, in No Man's Sky the planets to be explored are practically infinite, but you should know that there is a way to identify the best planets, that is, those richest in resources that therefore allow you to gain a lot of units.

You may not have noticed it, and if you have noticed it you have not understood anything at all as the game is totally devoid of any tutorial or caption ...

In the galactic map, the information available for each system also appears "Class" of the system. It is thanks to this parameter that it is possible to identify the systems with the richest planets and with the best loot.  

We start with the systems of Class G or F which are the basic ones. If you are at the beginning of the game you will only see these types of systems which do not offer much in terms of resources.

Then there are the systems Class K or M. They are slightly better than G / Fs and start offering rare loot. To achieve these systems you will need the Sigma upgrade for Hyperdrive.

To reach the systems of Class E you will need the hyperdrive Tau upgrade. Here you will almost certainly find rare resources.

Finally there are the systems of Class C or B, the best ever. They contain the best and rarest resources, so they will allow you to make a lot of money. To reach Class C or B systems you will need the Theta upgrade of the hyperdrive.

As you can see Hyperdrive upgrades are key to reaching the richer systems of No Man's Sky, so now all you have to do is read the guide to upgrade the Hyperdrive in No Man's Sky and immediately set out on the hunt for Class C or B systems on your way to the center of the universe.

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