No Man's Sky - Guide to Unlock the V1 Atlas Pass Now [PS4 - PC]

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No Man's Sky - Guide to Unlock the V1 Atlas Pass Now [PS4 - PC]


In this guide we see how to unlock Atlas Pass V1 in No Man's Sky.

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The No Man's Sky Atlas Pass is basically a key that it can open some particular closed boxes and some doors. Apparently there are different levels of this pass (V1, V2 and V3), in this guide we see how to get the V1 Atlante Pass.

1 phase: in the third solar system you will visit (ie after a couple of jumps), you need to use your ship's scanner to locate the alien monolith. Press L3 (PS4) for a scan. The monolith will be marked with a purple icon on one of the planets. Keep in mind that before you can do this and then find the Atlas Pass, you must have obtained the Hyperguide and the Antimatter formula (which is used to power the Hyperguide).

2 phase: interact with the Alien Monolith. This will mark the position of an Atlas HUD on the map. Travel to the interface.

3 phase: in the Atlas interface (the first should be diamond-shaped), after interacting with the big red globe, choose the "I accept" option (it is important NOT to refuse). By choosing the correct option you will get an Atlas Stone.

4 phase: at this point new spatial anomalies will appear randomly as you move into new solar systems. It happened to me personally in the first solar system that I visited immediately after interacting with the first Alien Monolith, but it does not mean that it will be the same for you. Do not lose your patience because everything is really random and it may take even more than ten moves to new systems before catching a new anomaly.

When you reach a new system always use the scanner (L3 on PS4). If an anomaly is nearby it will immediately be marked with a purple icon, you will then find the second Atlas Interface (roundabout). Inside you will find two alien scientists, Nada and Polo. Talk to Nada for help on your journey while talking to Polo about this will give you the project to create the Atlas Pass V1.

After crafting the Atlas Pass V1 you can use it as many times as you want. Here is our video in Spanish explaining how to proceed step by step:

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