No Man's Sky: Guide to Finding the V2 and V3 Atlante Pass [PS4 - PC]

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No Man's Sky: Guide to Finding the V2 and V3 Atlante Pass [PS4 - PC]


In this guide we see how to recover the V2 and V3 Atlante Pass in No Man's Sky.

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While the procedure to find the first Atlas Pass is quite clear (follow the guide to find the Atlas Pass V1 in No Man's Sky for all the help), for the V2 and V3 Atlas Pass the speech becomes a little more complicated and above all more casual .

The first thing to know is that Pass V3 also opens doors of level V2, if you are lucky enough to find the V3 first then you will no longer need to find the V2 as well.

But where is the V2 and V3 Atlante Pass located?

In No Man's Sky's fully procedural gameplay, there is no exact location to find them, but there are specific places where to look and where sooner or later you too will find them.

These are Operational Centers, that is the outposts closed with the armored door. In fact, many users report that they have found the Atlante V2 and V3 pass in the Operations Centers. Then proceed as follows:

every time you find an operations center with an armored door, knock the door down with Boltcaster, enter and deactivate the alarm giving the right answer. You'll get a reward that changes every time, so keep looting the Operations Centers until you get the V3 Atlas Pass.

It is not clear how many attempts it takes, but it seems that the closer you are to the center of the galaxy the more likely you are to find the Pass Atlante V2 and V3.

If you have difficulty locating the Operations Centers use the signal scanners (columns with the orange laser beam): use a Chip Bypass to activate them and choose the item "colonial outpost". Almost always the CPU will show you the location of an Operations Center on the map.

Please note: some users also report having found the V3 Pass in abandoned structures (they are those in ruins with the door destroyed), or having received them as a reward by talking to the alien Polo inside an anomaly. So, although the Operations Centers seem to be much more likely to find Pass V2 and V3, if you come across an abandoned facility or an anomaly, I still recommend that you check it out.

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