No Man's Sky: Guide to Finding Infinite Thamium9 [PS4 - PC]

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No Man's Sky: Guide to Finding Infinite Thamium9 [PS4 - PC]


In this guide we see how to find and accumulate large quantities of Thamium9 in No Man's Sky.

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As you have already noticed if you are playing the title of the moment, the Thamium9 in No Man's Sky is a very precious and sought-after resource. This important element can not only be used to recharge your astronaut's various gadgets, but also and above all serves as fuel for his spacecraft and is one of the isotopes required for repairs.

In the first few bars of the game you will notice that the Thamium9 is mainly found by collecting particular types of plants, but you just need to take off into space to be able to use this very simple system to accumulate a lot of Thamium9. When you are in fact traveling in space, moving at low speed with the propulsion deactivated, use the cannon of the spacecraft to fracture the asteroids floating in space.

Each destroyed asteroid bears a certain amount of different elements and, in most cases, it is Thamium9 !!! For each asteroid destroyed you will get no less than 20 units of Thamium9, not bad right?

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