No Man's Sky: Guide to Enhancing the Hyperguide [PS4 - PC]

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No Man's Sky: Guide to Enhancing the Hyperguide [PS4 - PC]


In this guide we see how to upgrade the Hyperguide in No Man's Sky.

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Browsing the galactic map of No Man's Sky you have probably also noticed that, using the hyperdrive, it is not possible to move for more than a single system and in any case for a maximum of 100 Light Years. This limitation is due to the fact that you have the "basic" version of the Hyperguide.

But how can the Hyperdrive be upgraded?

Like many other things in No Man's Sky the possibility to update the Hyperguide module is absolutely random. In fact, the only way to find the blueprint of the technology that allows you to build this upgrade is to find it randomly by rummaging through the "damaged machinery" which are found scattered on the surface of the planets.

They are those smoking metal carcasses that are often found near structures, but are sometimes also positioned in the middle of nowhere, so always fly low and keep your eyes peeled. Sooner or later you too will find the Sigma, Tau or Theta Reactor that will enhance your Hyperguide allowing you to travel up to 300 light years.

In addition to the damaged machinery, another way to get the reactor to upgrade the Hyperguide is to talk to the Aliens. If you choose the one potentially most dangerous for you from the dialogue options, then you will have a chance to get this valuable upgrade as a reward.

I close the guide by reminding you that the enhanced Hyperguide is also very useful for reaching the best planets in No Man's Sky.

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