Nioh: guide to beat Hino-enma [Boss walkthrough, PS4]

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Nioh: guide to beat Hino-enma [Boss walkthrough, PS4]


In this guide we see how to defeat one of the many bosses present NioH: Hino-enma.

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In Nioh, the Team Ninja production that follows the path traced by the Dark Souls series, we will face a long series of Bosses that will put us in front of increasingly demanding challenges.

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How to kill Hino-enma in Nioh

This is the third boss we will face in Nioh. If you don't know how to beat him, follow the strategy used in the following video, study his bindings and set yours as shown in the video:

Tips for beating Hino-enma

His ranged attack is the most dangerous because it paralyzes you and can even take you out in one shot, so always be ready to dodge this attack to the side.

Try to always stay a few meters away from her, when she fails with her combo it is the ideal time to land a couple of hits. The spear is the ideal weapon in this fight because it allows you to strike from a distance. Jump away, wait for it to sink with its combo without getting hit, counterattack and repeat. This boss doesn't have much health, but he's very fast, remember to dodge to the side on all of his ranged attacks.

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