Nintendo has officially acquired Luigi's Mansion 3 studio

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Specializing in making titles for GameCube, Wii and Switch, the company Next Level Games was officially acquired by Nintendo. The news came out today through a press release directly on the website of the Japanese company. After that the Canadian development house has worked for years on important titles related to the Nintendo world such as Luigi's Mansion 3 and football games Super Mario Striker, finally enters the stable of the eastern colossus in all respects.

Up to now, Next Level Games has collaborated with the Japanese company as a second-party partner, that is, committing to create products only for Nintendo gaming platforms. Now, having become a first-party partner, the Canadian company will be able to count on a very different amount of funds for the realization of its projects and a much better and more direct communication with the Nintendo development team, considerably speeding up the creation of new titles from part of western society. Among the most famous games of the Canadian company for Nintendo there is certainly Luigi's Mansion 3, winner of the "Best Family Game" category at The Game Awards 2019, towering over works such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate e Super Mario Maker 2. Really much appreciated among fans, the game is an excellent product, extremely fun and captivating thanks to its characters and the game environment that Next Level Games has been able to build around a valid plot and giving an exceptional charisma to the title.

The acquisition is currently still under development and is expected to end on the first day of March 2021, having to work on drafting a contract that fully satisfies both parties, including clauses, terms and conditions. As a secondary partner for the Japanese company, Over the years Next Level Games has made titles such as Metroid Prime: Federation Force, Punk-Out !! e Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, second chapter of the saga Luigi's Mansion started on Gamecube in 2001. All these are games that have allowed the Canadian company to make itself known and appreciated by users, up to Nintendo taking the fateful decision that reached our ears today.

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