Ninja Gaiden 3 - Ryu's Unlockable Skills and Techniques [360-PS3]

Ninja Gaiden 3 - Ryu's Unlockable Skills and Techniques [360-PS3]

In Ninja Gaiden 3 we have a dual level progression system that affects both the character Ryu Haybusa and his faithful Katana.

By continuing to play you will gain new Karma and level up both, in most cases you will get Kanji or character customization items as a reward, but for some achievements the prize is represented by a particular skill.

In this guide we will therefore see how to unlock, for example, the Swoop of the Falcone, the Harakiri, the Phantom Kill and other techniques that you will also have to learn to unlock some achievements and trophies of the game (for more details, refer to the Ninja Gaiden 3 objectives and trophies guide). Below you can see what these skills are and what level you need to reach to unlock them.

Character level

  • Level 4 - Ghost Kill
  • Level 7 - Ninpo: Lv 1
  • Level 11 - Swoop of the Falcone
  • Level 16 - Ninpo: Lv 2
  • Level 21 - Ninpo: Lv 3
  • Level 26 - Harakiri

Katana level

  • Level 3 - Technique: Lv 2
  • Level 4 - Ultimate Technique Lv 1
  • Level 5 - Descent of Izuna
  • Level 6 - Technique: Lv 3
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