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How is it done, then, a transfer the data saved on the old Android to the new smartphone? Contacts, photos, songs, apps, WhatsApp conversations: everything can be transferred to the new smartphone. We have decided to help you transfer data from one phone to another.

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Changing smartphones is not an easy task. In fact, it's a damn job - transferring contacts, applications, photos, music, and so on. But with the right methods and applications, you can save a lot of time and patience. The easiest way to transfer Android data and applications to a new phone it is through the “MobiKin Transfer” data transfer software that you can use with a Windows or Mac computer.

How to transfer data between two Android smartphones via MobiKin Transfer (PC)

If you need a quick and easy tool to move data from an old phone to a new one via your computer, MobiKin for Mobile may be the ideal solution. This software transfers contacts, messages, applications, photos, music and other data without restrictions or limitations.

The software can securely transfer your data without any risk of losing it during or after the transfer. MobiKin can be used on phones with different carriers. You can download the program for Windows and Mac via the links below:

  • Download MobiKin Transfer for mobile devices for Windows (direct download)
  • Download MobiKin Transfer for mobile devices for Mac (direct download)

After downloading, install the application and follow the on-screen instructions. Remember to erase all data from your old phone so that it is not misused by third parties. If necessary, MobiKin Transfer for mobile devices can restore the old device by deleting the data already transferred to the new phone.

Transfer contacts

The most valuable data found on a smartphone are contacts. Therefore, transferring them to the new device is the first step to take. Fortunately, the days of copying them one by one are over. While having a notebook with all the numbers may be the safest method of storing such data, today's smartphones make this transfer very easy. Here are all the methods you can use:

Transferring contacts via a Google account

First of all: always keep a personal account linked to your Android. Your Gmail account will be responsible for storing all of your most valuable information, such as email, contacts, and calendar. Find out how to add a Google account, read below:

Go to System Settings> Accounts & Sync> Add Account> Google, you can add your Google account to your new Android device. In this way, you can use, for example, the Google Play Store on your smartphone.

Once the process is complete, all your data will be transferred automatically. Contacts, Gmail, calendar and more. Remember to periodically activate automatic synchronization so that your data is updated on your account.

Google Sync offers a number of benefits. First, it supports more complex formats than the methods given below. Secondly, you can sync Google with a multitude of devices, making it the most convenient and simple solution for protecting your contacts in the long term.

Move to iOS

Alternatively, an Apple app is enough if you are thinking of transferring your data to iOS. Just install the Move to iOS app on your iPhone, iPod or iPad and follow the app's steps to migrate. The app must be installed on Android, so you will need to download Move to iOS from the Play Store. Link above.

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Transfer contacts via a microSD memory card

Syncing your contacts via a Google account may not be a viable option for you. But if your old and new device have a microSD card slot, you can transfer your data through this external storage. To do this, you must first transfer all contacts to your microSD card. The files are saved directly to the card and can be viewed when connected to a computer.

Then, remove the microSD card from the old Android phone and insert it into the new device. Go to Contacts> Manage Contacts> Import / Export> Memory Card or SD Card. Follow the instructions and your contacts will be transferred automatically.

Please note:: If your device is linked to a Google account and you want to move your contacts to the microSD card, start managing them in Gmail. This is because Google saves all these types of information separately, phone numbers, emails, contact photos… that is, by transferring them from the microSD card to the new device, you may see duplicated, tripled or even quadrupled contacts. And I speak from experience.

Transferring contacts via a SIM card

Please note:: Before starting the process with the SIM card, make sure the card works on both devices. If you are using the same SIM card in your new Android smartphone, you can do the old-fashioned transfer by copying your contacts to the SIM card and transferring them to the new device. 

The advantage of this method is that you can choose the contacts you want to transfer and they will be synchronized exactly as they were saved on the old Android. The disadvantage of this type of transfer is that the memory of the SIM card is rather limited, that is, if you have many contacts it will be impossible to transfer everything with this method.

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Contact transfer via manufacturer backup

In addition to the methods mentioned above, which work basically the same for all Android phones, many manufacturers have their own methods of backing up and transferring data and contacts.

Motorola migration

Motorola has had Motorola Migrate or Motorola Migration since 2013, with which it is possible to transfer data from any Android smartphone to a device of the brand, such as Moto X, Moto G or Moto E. The application is free in the Play Store and must be installed on both. the devices (the old and the new). The transfer takes place via Bluetooth.

Sony Xperia Transfer

Sony's solution for data transfer is called Xperia Transfer and it works almost like the previous app. The application helps to transfer data from other systems such as iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, as well as from other Android devices to an Xperia smartphone.

Samsung Switch Mobile

Samsung couldn't but have its data transfer app to help new smartphone users download their data. The solution is called Smart Switch Mobile and allows this process with both an iPhone and any Android phone. More information can be found on the manufacturer's customer support page.

LG – PC Suite

Those who have bought a new LG device can use the methods described above to transfer contacts or LG PC Suite, developed by the manufacturer itself. The app does exactly what all other apps from other brands do, except that you need a computer to use it. More information about the program can be found on the LG user support page.

How to transfer SMS

For those who need to transfer SMS, there is a backup application for them. Apps like SMS Backup & Restore do a good job. Messages are stored in XML file format, which can be sent via Bluetooth directly to your new smartphone.

Another possibility is to email the backup file or save it to the cloud. SMS Backup & Restore must be downloaded to your new smartphone to function properly. Upon startup, it will recognize the backup and automatically restore the saved text messages. The advantage of this method is that it works with any Android smartphone.

How to transfer WhatsApp data

WhatsApp makes a daily backup of all conversations on Google Drive, usually at night, so as not to disturb other actions on your smartphone. However, it is recommended that you perform a full backup before proceeding with the transfer to ensure that the most recently sent messages are also saved.

To do this, go to: Menu> Settings> Chats> Back up conversations and click Backup. This process may take a few minutes depending on how many conversations you have and whether you want to include photos and videos or not.

The backup can be restored to the new device when you install the application. However, it only works if you keep the same phone number. If your number changes, you need to change the number in the application on your old device before backing up. You can easily do this in: Menu> Settings> Account> Change number and make sure you notify your contacts about the new number.

As mentioned above, we recommend that you restore the conversations to the new Android phone right after the backup. And remember that this process also works between Android devices.

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How to transfer photos to new phone

The simplest solution for photo archiving is automatic automatic backup to the cloud. Applications like Dropbox, Google Drive and Google+ offer a very interesting space and automatic image sync functionality via Wi-Fi, so the volume of mobile data will be kept, the images uploaded completely in the background, and it will transfer the images to the new device from the cloud. .

Remember though: set up your account on the new smartphone first, then reset the old device. For photo backup, we recommend Google Photos, which can be found and installed on different smartphone models, as well as having web integration and Google Drive.

Another alternative is to send data via Bluetooth. But be very careful, as transferring this way can take a long time, especially when the images are in HD.

You can also store images on the external memory card and save them directly to the device by inserting them into the new device. However, it may be easier to back up photos from your old phone to your computer and then copy and paste onto the new Android, preferably the DCIM folder. New images created with your new Android will automatically be copied to your Gmail account, so you don't need to do anything.

How to transfer music

What you did to save the images from your phone also applies to the music. But be careful: A long list of songs can be several gigabytes in size, you need to plan the file transfer according to the space available on your new smartphone.

How to transfer applications

As soon as you log in to your new Android smartphone with the Google account, it will try to install previously downloaded apps from the Play Store. Google's backup system is used, which unfortunately only applies to a very small number of apps.

To transfer app data from one Android device to another, additional backup apps are required. Many games now use Google Play Games' cloud save feature. So you just need to install the game on the new smartphone and you can continue playing from the same place you left the game on the old phone.

So how did you feel with our advice? It was easy?

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