Neverdead - Trophy List [PS3]

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Neverdead - Trophy List [PS3]

The complete list of Trophies.


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Neverdead


Journey through the paths of memory.
What a nuisance!
Sconfiggi Swordpig.
Quotation: 4 to 1
Defeat Quad Jaw.
Serve and protect
Salva Nikki.
Sangria, with ice
Defeat Sangria, Duke of Hell.
Tower and hell
Take down the water tower.
Womb with a view
Defeat Sullivan.
Gentle drying
It would be lost in a whirlwind.
There will be only one left!
Defeat your sworn enemy.
Eye for an eye
Defeat Astaroth, King of the Demons.
the fearful
Stick your head into all basketball baskets.
Explosive personality
Blow up 35 enemies in the psychiatric hospital.
Destroy less than 25% of the museum's works.
Pay attention to the difference in height
Attract a Panda Bear in front of a train.
What a light it is!
Set all the barrels in the sewers on fire.
Don't stop, look, feel
Avoid the traffic on the bridge.
Evacuation plan
Take all the civilians to the helicopter.
Out of the pan
Lure the Panda Bear from the wall to the lava.
Dodge the boulders
Avoid the boulders.
Curiosity killed the cat
Explore Arcadia's apartment.
Fear and awe
Kill a demon with electricity.
Kill a demon with fire.
Bryce Swiss Guard
Kill an enemy with all available weapons.
Insurance fraud
Do $ 100.000 in damage.
It hops, it bounces, it bounces
Jump, roll and jump ...
Complete a Devastation Challenge in the arena.
Complete a Devastation Challenge.
Complete a Find and Rescue challenge.
Fragile friend
Win a Fragile Alliance Challenge ...
Easter bunny
Win an Egg Hunt Challenge.

Constantly dead
Finish the game in easy mode.
Seldom dead
Finish the game in normal mode.
Protected species
Kill 8 Panda Bear.
Criminal damage
Do $ 1.000.000 in damage.
You and which army?
Shoot 50 enemies with dismembered limbs.
Group hug
Kill 5 enemies with a single limb explosion.
Purchase 50% of the skills.
Never died
Finish the game on hard mode.
The magnificent collector
Find all the most important collectibles.
Purchase all skills.
Manic collector
Unlock all prestige badges.
I gnaw your legs!
Collect all Trophies.


Neverdead Secret Trophies

 Premature evacuation
You win, you lose ...

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