Netflix: who uses your account and how to block it?

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"Too many people are currently using your account." Many Netflix users got the nasty surprise reading this message once they got home, thinking they could finally see that series they've been waiting for.

Sharing Netflix accounts is a common practice and it also has many benefits when living in a small group (family or friends) as long as everyone is watching TV at different times of the day. But when everyone wants to see Netflix at the same time, then everything changes ...

The Netflix streaming platform offers three types of subscriptions: the basic one that opens access to a single device, the standard account to link two devices, and the premium one that allows the use of four devices.

Find who uses your Netflix account

Before you can block the person who abuses your subscription, you need to identify them. In previous versions of Netflix, it was enough to go to the “View Recent Account Login” option in the “Activity View”. Now go to Settings> Devices Recent Streaming Activity to see which device accessed your account and when. 

This item also shows the IP address and device type. This will allow you to specifically identify the family member or roommate who is using your account and secretly accessing your Netflix library.

If you can't find the item “View recent account access” or “Recent device streaming activity”, the alternative is to browse the viewing history, ie the programs you have seen recently.

If there are any programs you haven't looked at on the list, it's because someone else used your account.

It is possible to tell who is using your Netflix account through other signs as well, such as unusual suggestions on the main screen. The fact that you find requests for irrelevant shows and you haven't asked is proof that someone else is using your profile and is affecting Netflix's suggestion algorithm.

Delete all users who are using your Netflix account

While it is you who pay, but others enjoy it, before you directly expel a person from Netflix, find out who is using your account and kindly ask not to use Netflix at least without your consent and during the hours you watch it too. . If the person is in good faith, he will respect your wishes and log out immediately.

If necessary, you have an effective way to enforce yourself: log them out remotely. It goes without saying that this operation could cause some problems with your family or roommates, but if it is the only way to solve the problem… what are you going to do.

Here's how:

  • Go to on the web.
  • Select Disconnect from all devices in Settings and on the Accounts screen.
  • Select Change password (above) in billing.
  • Change your password, making sure your family / friends can't see it and save the change.
  • Log in to Netflix using your new password.
  • Enjoy your favorite videos!

Anyone who has used Netflix without permission will immediately be logged out of the app. 

By changing your password, they won't be able to reconnect and you should be able to take full advantage of your subscription for a while. 

If by any chance someone still manages to connect, change the password again, save it and unplug all devices.

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