Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit - Tips to avoid IEM attack

Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit - Tips to avoid IEM attack

Gne, Gne, Gneeee, you didn't take me!


Whether online or against fierce CPU-driven opponents at the highest levels, the IEM attack is one of the hardest to avoid and often falls victim to annoying electro-interference.

There is no trick to dodge it, but with the right tIEMism and a little practice you can begin to escape this hateful devilry.

Recall that to dodge the IEM attack it is necessary to get out of sight of the opponent who is attacking you. So try to:

- in the presence of other machines we try to put them between us and the opponent behind us, in order to use them as a shield
- we take advantage of any curves or shortcuts to disappear from the opponent's view
- if you are on a straight, get out of the trajectory of the opponent following you and brake suddenly to make him go forward

Practice especially with the latter technique and IEM will no longer be a problem.

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