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    NBA LIVE 14 - Trophy List [PS4]

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    NBA LIVE 14 - Trophy List [PS4]


    Here is the list of NBA LIVE 4 Playstation 14 Trophies

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



    It begins!
    Create a LIVE Ultimate Team
    Oro: I love it!
    Create a LIVE Ultimate Team containing only gold level players
    Challenge accepted
    Complete a series of Fantasy Matchmaking in LIVE Ultimate Team
    So lucky
    Open a pack that contains a rare player in LIVE Ultimate Team
    Rebuild an NBA team in LIVE Ultimate Team
    May the best man win
    Play a game of the Finals in Head-to-Head Seasons
    The journey starts here
    Play a game of Head-to-Head Seasons
    On the right track
    Reach League 3 in Head-to-Head Seasons
    Towards the summit
    Reach League 10 in Head-to-Head Seasons
    Oscar season
    Average a triple double with one player for an entire season
    Towards the stars
    Trade a player with an overall rating above 85 in Dynasty
    Net superiority
    Win all games in a playoff series in Dynasty mode
    One less
    Reach a GM goal in Dynasty mode
    What an eye!
    Observe a player with A-level potential before the Dynasty draft
    Internal promotion
    Make the most of a staff member
    Better than many politicians
    Reach half of your GM goals in a single season
    Achieve an overall rating of 85 in Rising Star Mode
    Achieve an overall rating of 90 in Rising Star Mode
    Achieve an overall rating of 95 in Rising Star Mode
    Born to win
    Be part of the All-Star Quintet in Rising Star mode
    Complete a LIVE Season Challenge
    Amici per la pelle
    Post a friend's best score in a LIVE Season Challenge
    Complete all the GREAT moments of a day
    Good job
    Reach all goals in an NBA Rewind game
    Ready for the challenge
    Get a total challenge score of at least 3.000
    30 times higher
    Complete 30 LIVE Season Challenges
    Reach level 25 on EAS HoopsNet
    We are a family?
    All 5 players in your starting lineup score in double digits
    In your face!
    Score a 3-pointer with a defender in front marking you
    The redemption of the reserve
    Have a player from the bench who scores 20 points in one game enter the field
    Rain of triples
    Achieve 10 3-point shots in one match with a shot completion rate above 40%
    Clean up the board
    Outrun your opponent by 15 rebounds in an online Head-to-Head match
    Instant reward
    Retrieve a ball that leads to a basket on a breakaway
    King of the comeback
    Come back and win after being behind by at least 25 points in the 2nd half of a single player game
    King of the board
    Stay ahead for an entire single player game
    No sooner said than done
    Call a pattern that leads to a basket
    What a blow!
    Take a dunk when an opponent tries to block your shot
    Nobody excluded
    Score with all team members in a single player match
    Seven seconds or less
    Score after an opponent's basket with less than 7 seconds on the clock in an online Head-to-Head match
    Festival of the block
    Stops 3 shots during the same ball possession with any team
    You are the best around
    Win an online tournament in Head-to-Head Seasons
    Work pays off
    Win the MVP award in Rising Star mode
    Reach level 50 on EAS HoopsNet
    What statistics!
    Get a quad double in a single player game
    Triple repeating
    Make your first 7 triples in a row with just one player
    Whoever knows how to win wins
    Win a championship in Dynasty mode
    Collection of achievements
    Win a championship in Rising Star mode
    King of statistics
    Get at least five in the five main stat categories in a single player game
    Earn all trophies




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