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    NBA 2K16 - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]

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    NBA 2K16 - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]


    Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 4 of NBA 2K16

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


    Triple double
    Make a triple double with any player in a non-simulated game.
    It rains
    Score 15 or more triples with any team in a non-simulated match.
    Shooting at the end
    Score the winning basket when time runs out.
    I ran and took off
    Make a triple on the break in a non-simulated match.
    Score 37 points in a single quarter with Klay Thompson.
    Absolute perfection
    Make 7 perfect releases while jumping in a single game.
    The first of many
    Climb the leaderboards in Play Online Now.
    My daily player
    Become a NBA starter in MyCAREER.
    My All-Star
    Get named All-Star in the NBA in MyCAREER.
    Gym, tan, laundry, gym
    Unlock the gold version of the Gym Maniac card in MyCAREER.
    Social animal
    Complete 10 Contact events in MyCAREER.
    Better than that you die
    Maximize one attribute category in MyCAREER.
    Get 3 or more wins in a row in My PARK.
    What's my line?
    Perform at least 5 ITPs, 5 ASTs, and 5 RIMs in a My PARK game.
    Show who you are
    Stop a streak of 3 or more wins by an opposing team in My PARK.
    In the saddle
    Join a My PARK team.
    It gets serious
    Win a non-simulated game in My LEAGUE Online.
    Towards new horizons
    Move an NBA team to a new city in My GM or My LEAGUE.
    The magic of the Cavs
    Get first pick in the NBA draft draw in My GM or My LEAGUE.
    Virtual notes
    Manage a game with SimCast Live in My GM or My LEAGUE.
    Time for a change
    Submit a team transfer request in My GM.
    Shrewd trader
    Successfully negotiate a three-team trade in My GM or My LEAGUE.
    The neighbour's grass is always greener
    Make the manager of another team your head manager in My GM or My LEAGUE.
    It is summer
    Play a Summer League game in My GM or My LEAGUE.
    Purchase a card pack in MyTEAM.
    Get a diamond player in MyTEAM.
    History lesson
    Unlock the Historical Domain in MyTEAM.
    Complete game XNUMX of The Challenge in MyTEAM.
    Man of the people
    Reach 5.000.000 fans in MyCAREER.
    How much do you have in your pocket?
    As a free agent, sign a contract that offers you the maximum salary in MyCAREER.
    I will lead the way
    Reach All-Star reputation in My PARK.
    198 problems, INCLUDING the Domain!
    Earn 198 stars in Domination and Historical Domination in MyTEAM.
    Win all 10 'Best Ever' games in Play Online Now.
    Shack and puppets
    Collect all trophies in NBA 2K16.

    NBA 2K16 Secret Trophies

    1, 2, 3, via!
    Begin your journey to fame in the NBA.
    The day of the signature
    Announce the college you will play at.
    I'm going to become a professional, understand?
    Declare that you want to participate in the NBA draft.
    Vic has to go!
    Hear your owner's opinion of Vic.
    Money, money
    Resolve the conflict between your friends.
    100% honest
    Confess the uncomfortable truths about your life.
    Find out more about Vic's plans.
    Don't think about it too much
    Hear the ultimatum on Vic from your owner.
    If you
    Announce your free agent destination at a press conference.
    The stark truth
    Hear the call that will change everything.
    Rain of diamonds
    Get a Diamond Shoe or a Diamond Contract Card in MyTEAM.
    We called the dog Indiana
    Discover your first rune in MyTEAM.
    Psss ... hey, you!
    Crack a code in MyTEAM.
    Extra effort
    Complete a trial in MyTEAM
    Nice shoe, huh?
    Give your opinion on Freq's custom shoe.
    Rest in peace
    You know the real Vic.
    Treasure hunter
    Collect all runes in MyTEAM.
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