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    NBA 2K15 - Trophy List [PS4 - PS3]

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    NBA 2K15 - Trophy List [PS4 - PS3]


    Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 of NBA 2K15

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



    Triple double

    Make a triple double with any player in a non-simulated game.


    It rains

    Score at least 15 triples with any team in a non-simulated match.


    Unmatched power

    Get 10 offensive rebounds in a non-simulated match.


    Victory at the end

    Score the winning basket when time runs out.


    I ran and took off

    Make a triple on the break in a non-simulated match.


    Circus shooting

    Score from over half the pitch in any match.


    Human Torch

    Score 22 points with Stephen Curry in just one quarter.


    Absolute perfection

    Make 7 perfect releases while jumping in a single game.


    Do you remember me?

    Change the defensive settings in the manager's clipboard.


    Clinical eye

    Use the custom score against your scorer to score.


    Calm down, I'll take care of it

    Score while sitting after catching a loose diving ball.


    Did you see it well?

    Perform a dunk with contact with myPLAYER.


    The master's coconut

    Increase coaching satisfaction to 80% in MyCAREER.


    Thats enough

    Ask for a sale in MyCAREER.


    My daily player

    Become a NBA starter in MyCAREER.


    To infinity...

    Get an extra attribute upgrade in MyCAREER.


    Play it again, Sam

    Get a musical introduction in MyCAREER.


    Where is your tag?

    Get a card in MyCAREER.


    It's your turn

    Achieve a triple double in MyCAREER.


    He is intelligent but does not apply

    Get banned from a team after the 10-day contract expires.



    Get 3 or more wins in a row in My PARK.


    Mood breaker

    Stop a streak of 3 or more wins by an opposing team in My PARK.


    Emerging force

    Reach level 35 in My GM.


    It's raining money

    Make a profit of $ 35 million in a single season in My GM.


    Goat and cabbage

    Go black and win the NBA championship in the same season in My GM.


    Make a wish

    In My GM, get a draft promise with a rating of 88 or higher.


    Big shot

    Vinci l'Executive of the Year Award in Il mio GM.


    This changes everything

    Find out about a potential injury watching NBA Draft Promises in My GM.


    I'm in charge here

    Maintain first place in the GM Power Ranking for 4 consecutive weeks in My GM.



    Purchase a pack of cards in MyTEAM.



    Win a MyTEAM Domination game.


    I caught them all!

    Complete the '14 -'15 NBA Collection in MyTEAM.


    Is there still some?

    Complete the Historical Collection in MyTEAM.


    I offer a dollar

    Purchase a card at the auction house in MyTEAM.


    Time is money, dude

    Sell ​​an item at the auction house in MyTEAM.


    It will always dominate your destiny

    Complete the tutorial in MyTEAM.


    All Sprite® movements

    Win the Sprite® Dunk Race.


    Breakfast club

    Watch a 2KU training movie.


    Cover me

    Score 54 points with Kevin Durant in one match.


    Man of the people

    Reach 5.000.000 fans in MyCAREER.


    My All-Star

    Get named All-Star in the NBA in MyCAREER.


    Better than that you die

    Maximize one discipline in MyCAREER.


    How much do you have in your pocket?

    As a free agent, sign a contract that offers you the maximum salary in MyCAREER.


    7 is my lucky number

    In a My PARK game, score at least 7 points, 7 assists and 7 rebounds.



    Reach All-Star reputation in My PARK.



    Reach level 100 in My GM.


    99 problems, except the Domain!

    Earn 99 stars in Domination in MyTEAM.


    Seventh heaven

    Become the first seed in The Road to the Playoffs in MyTEAM.


    Business owner

    Purchase an NBA team in My GM.



    Acquire a diamond player in MyTEAM.


    Shack and puppets

    Collect all trophies in NBA 2K15.

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