NBA 2k14: how to earn infinite VCs

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NBA 2k14: how to earn infinite VCs


Let's see an easy easy trick to earn VC infiniti in NBA 2k14. As of this writing, this exploit hasn't been patched yet, maybe it never will be, or maybe yes. In any case, take advantage of it as long as you can.

Start a quick game and set the match duration to 6 minutes. Deactivate by turning OFF all rules and violations. Pick any two teams, whether you win or lose makes no difference. Start the match, play until the 4th quarter and when there are about 30-40 seconds left, make a save.

Now, without finishing the tie, exit to the main menu. From here, you can load the game as many times as you want and finish it in seconds, earning lots of nice VCs every time. The process is shown in the videos you find below. Good fun


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