NBA 2K13 - Cheat Codes [360-PS3-PC]

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NBA 2K13 - Cheat Codes [360-PS3-PC]


Even NBA 2k13 presents some codes to insert in the game's cheat menu. Unlike the previous chapter of the series, where the list was quite long, in NBA 2K13 the tricks to activate are not very many.

Find the complete list below, with the code to be entered and the relative effect obtained with the trick.


Code   Effect obtained
underarmour sblocca UA Torch Shoe
payrespect unlock the ABA balloon - activate or deactivate it in the same menu
spriteeffect +3 dribble for your player (in my player and career)

Unfortunately for the moment there is nothing else to be found, the guide will be updated if any other tricks come up.

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