NBA 2K12: cheat codes

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NBA 2K12: cheat codes

Here are all the game codes.

In NBA 2K12 it is possible to unlock particular game features such as bonus teams and other extras by entering cheat codes in the appropriate menu. To use them, find the "Codes" item in the main menu and insert them to unlock the relative effect

2ksports unlock the 2K Sports team
2kchina unlock the 2K Sports China team
nba2k unlock the 2K NBA developer team
vcteam unlocks the visual concepts team
23 unlock Jordan Sneaker Collection shoes
payrespect unlocks the ABA balloon
agsntrccai unlocks the Bobcats "Nascar Racing" kit
aifnaatccv unlocks the Cavaliers' "Cavfanatic" uniform
wasshcicsl unlocks the "Night Classics" uniforms of the Blazers, Cavaliers, Jazz, Magic, Raptors, Timberwolves, and Warriors
asrdirmga unlocks the Hornets' "Mardi Gras" kit
eydonscar unlocks the second kit of the Grizzlies, Hawks, Mavericks, and Rockets
riiasgerh unlocks the "St. Patrick's Day" uniform of the Bulls, Celtics, Knicks, and Raptors
ycprtii unlocks the Trailblazers' Rip City kit

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