Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller, the review of the wired pad for mid-range PC and Xbox

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Interpreting the mid-range of professional controllers in the best possible way is not easy: it is a cross between the standard devices sold in a bundle with the consoles and the more refined and sophisticated ones, so we are necessarily talking about a synthesis that accepts some compromises. , but at the same time offers advanced functionality and a higher degree of customization.

It is around these themes that the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller review: we had the opportunity to test for a few days the latest model of the French house compatible with Xbox e PC, finding a lot of generosity in the field of the technologies adopted but also some constructive limitations.

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller seen from the front

Wanting to be picky in fact, the Revolution X returns the feeling of a device toyy and plasticky, the pressure of the buttons produces not very pleasant noises and the weight that is too low (but fortunately modulable) helps to give the idea of ​​a product assembled using too light materials.

La lack of wireless connectivity it is also hard to digest, even more so considering the presence of Dolby Atmos technology support for headphones that does not return extraordinary performance. But we were talking about middle ground, and in fact the price of the device is € 109,90, halfway between the standard controllers and the more expensive professional variants.

Hardware features

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller seen from the side

As mentioned, the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller only works in mode wired, with a detachable, sturdy and three-meter long USB-C to USB-A cable. It is compatible with Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PCs running Windows 10, and just plug it in to make it work. Really good two-year warranty, especially considering that much more expensive controllers like the recently reviewed Scuf Instinct Pro don't go beyond six months.

The design of the analog it is asymmetrical and echoes the standard layout of Microsoft consoles, although the Xbox button is located a little lower. The differences are however found on the back, where we find four buttons integrated into the handlebars, two above and two below, with a button in the center to change the profile and one to switch from the classic to the advanced configuration. In addition to the USB-C port, there is a 3,5mm audio jack input.

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller, the back of the device

We have alluded to the modular weight for a specific reason: the package of the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller includes a small container inside which there are three pairs of tiny metal barbells of 10, 14 or 16 grams that can be inserted inside the handlebars to increase the " consistency "of the device, making it go from 231 to 263 grams: a value however lower than the official Xbox controller.

Also in the small container there are also two convex caps for the analogs and some metal rings that allow you to increase or decrease the stroke of the sticks in the various directions: a customization that goes hand in hand with the advanced adjustments that can be made using the Revolution-X official app, downloadable for free on both PC and Xbox.

These aspects of the Nacon Revolution X Pro undoubtedly represent its greatest strength. From the app it is possible to change the functions of all the buttons of the device, change the reaction curve of the individual analog sticks and triggers, set the audio equalization to make the most of the integrated Dolby Atmos technology and save everything on four different ones. profiles.

If you want, the remapping of the four extra keys is also available on the fly, without using the application: just hold down the profile key for three seconds until the LED circle around the right stick starts to flash, press the key you want to program and then what we want to "clone", then press the profile button again for three seconds in order to complete the operation.

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller, the detail of the buttons integrated in the handlebars

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller data sheet

  • Analog designs: asymmetrical
  • Compatibility: Xbox (all), PC
  • Connectivity: wired
  • Cable length: 3 meters
  • Buttons: 17 more analog and d-pads
  • Replaceable parts: analog cap
  • Programmable: yes, four profiles
  • Ports: USB-C, jack audio da 3,5 millimetri
  • Weight: 231 grams (without barbells)
  • Price: 109,90€


Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller seen from above

On the front of the design, the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller takes up the aesthetics of the French company's PC joypads, more squared and less harmonious than the official Xbox controller or the same Pro Compact Controller also by Nacon. Black in color, the device is made of plastic a little too thin, which produce crunches when pressing the keys integrated in the handlebars.

The grip is guaranteed by a rough finish on the outside of the handlebars, but even here the material used is plastic. The completely black color of the controller is enlivened by the main buttons, with large colored letters but with a not very consistent stroke. Better the backbones, which produce a clear click and suggest a longer duration than the Microsoft device, which from that point of view leaves something to be desired.

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller, the LED ring illuminated according to the active profile

The right analog stick is surrounded by a circle illuminated with an RGB LED that changes hue depending on the profile used or stays green when the standard setting is selected. The intention of the Nacon designers was evidently to enhance the aesthetics of the Revolution X in some way, but the final outcome is a bit perplexing.

Moreover, the selection of the profile is also indicated by four small lights placed between the d-pad and the right analogue: letting this feature be communicated visually only by the color of the ring would have been perhaps a more elegant and essential solution. Finally, the custody nylon included in the package, which allows you to carry the controller comfortably.

Experience of use

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller connected with its cable

We tried the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller on PC and Xbox Series S, immediately finding a certain plasticity of the device, of the main buttons and of the extra ones integrated into the handlebars. In short, on the front ofergonomics and the build quality we were not impressed, but it must be admitted that the features made available are really varied and interesting.

The many customizations, first of all: both those to be carried out manually, changing the weight of the controller and the stroke or the final of the analogs; and those that allow you to change the entire layout of the controls through the free Nacon app, adjusting the behavior of the device in a very specific way and shaping it around our needs.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, uno scontro in multiplayer

These are extras that must be explored and experimented over time in order to find the best settings, but which already after a few hours clearly show all their potential, for example with first-person shooters: we played Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War taking advantage of the customizations of the Revolution X, as it was possible to take advantage of these features in Apex Legends.

The modification of the behavior of the analog sticks and triggers has therefore proved very useful, allowing us to aim more quickly in the competitive modes of Gears 5 and in the large-scale battles of Fortnite, using the keys integrated in the handlebars to be able to always remain firmly on the movement commands.


Price 109,90 €


Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller undoubtedly boasts several useful and interesting features, which allow you to customize the user experience by changing the weight of the device, the stroke of the analogs, the layout of all the buttons, the use of the four keys extras built into the handlebars and the behavior of analogs and triggers. From this point of view it is hard to criticize the latest product of the French house, which, however, in terms of construction quality and ergonomics shows the side of some important defects, which extend to the lack of wireless connectivity.


  • Many customizations available
  • Fully programmable
  • Precise and responsive in competitive contexts
  • Plastic with a build quality not at the top
  • No wireless connectivity
  • The integrated Dolby Atmos leaves some time it finds
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