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Freshly acquired by THQ Nordic, Milestone returns to the office with a new version of its licensed product dedicated to the motocross world championship. Predictably MXGP 19 it is in clear continuity with the consolidated features of the series, offering fans some small news that however does not distort the substance of the product. With the exception of some modest variations on the theme, which we will discuss in the course of ours review, our local team has not in fact gone to overturn what is the general feeling transmitted by the game and what it can offer to all supporters of the discipline. MXGP 2019 debuts today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, offering official content updated for the current season.

Game mode

The approach chosen by Milestone for the development of MXGP 2019 is therefore absolutely in the name of tradition. A problem often debated by enthusiasts, especially by the most critical ones regarding the recent work of the Milanese team, in hindsight the result of a very dense development calendar and with rather short processing times. The scenario may change now that the company has been taken over by THQ Nordic, but only time will tell us what the new direction the team will take in the future will actually be. In the meantime, we cannot help but notice the extremely conservative nature of MXGP 19, which does not offer particular creative flashes while trying to put some new features on the plate. Since the introduction of theeditor: in fact an unprecedented feature for the franchise, but in essence a feature taken in weight by Monster Energy Supercross and adapted for the occasion. At the beginning of the game you can create your own virtual alter ego by choosing its appearance and characteristics, and then decide on the stable and customizations of an aesthetic nature. Alternatively, the classic fast modes are available as always, divided between the normal race, the single season or competition time attack.

The custom pilot is associated with a growth system that he plans to forfeit Prestige points based on the results obtained. However, it is not the only option guaranteed by the game, which once again offers the official licenses of the leagues MX2 e MXGP, including stables, locations and stars belonging to the two categories. There is talk of a total of 17 official tracks and 35 drivers, including the inevitable Spanish pride: the nine-time world champion Tony Cairoli. Alternatively you can lean towards the Playground mode, the usual freely explorable sandbox area in which players can take part in various activities. In addition to the races, spread over three customized tracks and divided between traditional competitions against other pilots managed by the AI ​​or time attacks, you can in fact try your hand at a series of challenges of increasing difficulty, whose starting position is identified on the map. In this context there are also i Waypoint, or rather short paths dotted with checkpoint of small dimensions, which must be crossed having the foresight to be very precise. The latter can, if necessary, be customized by the users themselves and then shared with the rest of the community. The inevitable closes the picture Multiplayer, which does not introduce anything new compared to the formula tested in the past. By accessing this section you have the opportunity to create a private lobby or vice versa to access a quick game. Unlike offline races, where you have to contend with 22 other drivers on the track, online competitions count up to a maximum of 12 opponents, with the AI ​​responsible for filling any shortage of participants.

PlayStation 4 Trophies

The 2019 MXGP Trophies are 51 overall, divided into 38 bronze, 10 silver, 2 gold and platinum. One part involves the conquest of the first place at least once on each track, others are linked to the completion of the Playground challenges and the objectives related to the Season mode.

Gameplay in the wake of tradition

Even at the level of gameplay MXGP 2019 substantially renews the formula already proposed in the past. The control of the vehicle becomes essential especially in the vicinity of bumps and large jumps. Without the correct trajectory it is in fact quite easy to end up outside the poles that delimit the route or to lie down in the mud following the collision with the barriers and bags that delimit the route. To give more balance to your pilot it is always necessary to rely on the maneuver of the scrub, which plans to manage and improve the trajectories of their motorcycles during entry and cornering, using the right stick of the path. By doing this, you can improve your exit speed - as well as the stability of the motorcycle - by managing weight shifting at key moments and using your legs to improve grip. Unlike MotoGP 19, where for the first time a new artificial intelligence called ANNA was introduced, in this case theIA the typical one that has also characterized the previous Milestone products has remained. So do not expect big steps forward on this side.

As mentioned, one of the (few) new features available is the presence of the track editor, which allows you to select the type of environment in which to shape your route, choosing from the options Bosco, Desert and Riviera. The vehicle tuning options are also in keeping with tradition, through a plethora of detailed parameters such as suspension, ratios, wheelbase and so on. The tracks created by the community can be consulted by opting for various criteria, for example taking into account the most recent, or the works that have received the most appreciation. Alternatively, you can select some to add to your personal favorites folder, so that you can retrieve them at any time with the utmost convenience. On a technical level MXGP 2019 is again based on U, offering a fluidity of 30 frames per second on consoles. Graphically we are faced with the same defects already listed in the past, including the excessive static of the public present on the track and the poor reactivity of the ground when the bike passes - even in variable weather conditions - as well as the presence of a collision system. poorly structured. The menu game has been updated and made more pleasant to watch, while sonically the work of sampling of the engines is in line of continuity with the past, giving the player a homogeneous and faithful feeling to the original counterparts. On the other hand, the duration of the loading times.


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MXGP 2019 largely re-proposes the same experience embodied by last year's chapter, adding only some timid news. As expected, the latest addition to Milestone remains a product aimed at a specific niche of enthusiasts and remains adherent to its typical characteristics without offering new ideas or real turning points. For the incurable fans of motocross, however, it remains an all in all obligatory choice, also by virtue of the now well-known absence of a level competitor.


  • Drivers and tracks updated for the 2019 season
  • Introduction of the editor
  • New Waypoint mode
  • Limited news
  • The age-old problems of artificial intelligence
  • Graphically raw
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