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The review of the Trident X Plus 9th allowed us to put our hands on one of the new models of the famous MSI brand which, while updated, retains the elegant design and small size that characterize this line of high-end pre-assembled products. The secret lies behind the intelligent and functional design that on the one hand reduces space but on the other makes each component close to a ventilation grille, guaranteeing fresh air just a few centimeters from the GPU and CPU fans. This results in a distinctive and compact design which still involves contained temperatures and low noise threshold, even with a configuration as arrived in the editorial office that does not aim at the maximum but boasts high characteristics with an Intel Core i7-9700K, a GeForce RTX 2070 Ventus, 16GB of memory at 2666MHz and MPG Z390I Gaming EDGE AC motherboard, obviously from MSI.

The advantages of a well thought-out compact PC

The small tower of the Trident X Plus 9th retains the design of the series by adding some additional "pluses" such as the Wi-Fi 6 and the optional bulkhead in tempered glass, like the standard one characterized by a grate in correspondence of the CPU, which comes together with the computer in a separate package and replaces the right bulkhead, in metal like the left, transforming it into one easily opened door. But the most characteristic part of the MSI desktop is undoubtedly the front one, in smooth polycarbonate, characterized by a series of aggressive but elegant broken lines that are underlined by theRGB lighting. A quirk that we also find on an LED ring that surrounds the large CPU fan and on the top of the GPU, placed vertically in a dedicated compartment to facilitate cooling, with the light shining through not only from the corresponding lateral grille, but also from the large air intake that extends for a good part of the upper part of the PC. Let me be clear, there are systems that focus much more strongly on this aspect, but the Trident X does not want to give up elegance and is satisfied with discreet lighting, while still guaranteeing a bit of show obviously compatible with the synchronization system. RGB Mystic Light. It should also be noted the plastic base which in addition to raising the case, allowing a better inflow of air from below, widens allowing greater stability and adding something also from an aesthetic point of view. Almost a console placed vertically, in short, even in the dimensions which are 396 millimeters in height, 382 in length and only 129 in width.

The weight is also contained, but this involves rather thin metal bulkheads, to be handled with care as the front is in danger of being scratched, losing part of its appeal. What matters most, however, lies within a PC that aims for uncompromising performance in 1440p, with the ability to also take advantage of the hardware acceleration of the Ray tracing. In fact, we are talking about an Intel Core i7-9700K and a GeForce RTX 2070 Ventus, two components that certainly need no introduction. We can instead spend a few words on the MSI MPG Z390I Gaming EDGE AC, a motherboard equipped with a connection Wi-Fi 6 and all the necessary connectivity, although it is not a model that pushes on this aspect. The average user, however, should have no problems with 6 rear USB ports, including three USB 3.1 Type-A and one Type-C, and 3 USB ports, two 3.1 Type-A and one 3-1 Type-C. integrated in the front panel, above the 3.5mm headphone and microphone inputs. The same ones we find on the back, but flanked by 3 other audio inputs, an optical output and a network port, in addition to the DisplayPort and HDMI inputs for the integrated GPU. Going back inside, however, we find the NVMeda 256GB unit, supporting a 1TB 7200RMP HGST mechanical disk, installed on the M.2 slot on the back of the card, easily accessible like almost every component of the PC starting from the GPU, placed vertically in a 30cm housing which therefore allows you to install longer cards, to get to the M.2 disk, located on the back of the card and therefore accessible as soon as the left bulkhead is removed . Instead, it is more complicated to reach the memory, covered by the CPU heatsink.

Performance, temperatures and conclusions

Extremely quiet at idle and during desktop operations, with the GPU adding around 50 degrees, the Trident X Plus 9th remained discreet even during the canonical 3DMark Time Spy test, where it scored 8968 points in the GPU entry and 7760 in the CPU voice, demonstrating the effectiveness of the cooling system Silent Storm Cooling 3 which as we said relies largely on the intelligent layout of the hardware. With the heavier titles or under stress the fans are heard, mind you, but we are within more than acceptable limits for such a system, powerful yet maintained at temperature discrete with 76 degrees for the GPU and 65 degrees for the CPU in games they both leverage like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The witcher has a few years on his shoulders, but aesthetically he still gets along very well, riding at 123 frames in 1080p and 75 frames in 1440p on the MSI desktop. Shadow of the Tomb Raider instead arrives at 111fps in 1080p and 72fps in 1440p, making it playable with the Active ray tracing only in the first case, unless you activate the DLSS which, however, below 4K, drastically reduces the image quality. But on the other hand it is an upscaling and, above all, we are talking about a technology in the making that still has a long way to go. And that's a shame because it would be useful in the case of Control. If the successful Remedy title travels at 75fps in 1080p, it struggles in 1440p, slowing down to 49fps.

The DLSS, among other things, is essential to exceed 60fps with active Ray tracing, even in 1080p, where theupscaling based on artificial intelligence it suffers the most, although it is implemented with more care in Control. In any case, the net increase in the quality of the lights may be worth losing some of the detail, given the peculiar stylistic setting of a title with a spectacular graphic design that certainly does not focus on defining the contours. Instead, it brings us back to a classic approach, albeit colorful and spectacular, the artistic sector of Rage 2, unfortunately short but successful sequel that on the Trident X Plus 9th with RTX 2070 reaches 112fps in 1080p and 70fps 1440p, making it fully playable with the graphic profile higher. This with the frequencies left to the software that goes to 1800MHz, gaining 180Mhz compared to the standard boost clock, to touch the 1890MHz with the desktop in gaming mode. All this allows you to gain two or three frames, potentially useful in the latest generation games run in 1440p, but makes the GPU fans audible in the first case and anything but silent in the second, nullifying one of the merits of the valid MSI pre-assembled. an elegant desktop whose main problem, as with all products of this genre, is the price which in this case, with about 2400 euros on Amazon, is less balanced than that of other Trident. Even this model, however, has a refined design on its side, both in the image and in the dissipation, to justify the increase.



The Trident X Plus 9th, equipped with Intel Core i7-9700K and GeForce RTX 2070, is a compact yet powerful PC that's perfect for gaming in 1440p. The memory is certainly the best in circulation and the price is high, more than that of other Trident X in relation to the components, making it less convenient. In any case, the MSI preassembled guarantees a discreet build quality, an elegant design and an excellent arrangement of the internal components, distinguishing itself in the panorama of similar products.


  • A compact, powerful and elegant preassembled
  • Excellent arrangement of components, also with a view to upgrading
  • Optional bulkhead with door in tempered glass included
  • Certainly not a low price
  • Very thin metal bulkheads and front at risk of scratches
  • Memory is certainly not a top solution
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