Mother's Day: Xbox celebrates the event with a themed post

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As we all know, on the occasion of today, Sunday 10 May 2020, the civil anniversary of the Mother's Day. Following this, many of the main figures present in the videogame field celebrated the event by offering their wishes on social networks. Among those who wanted to dedicate a thought to the figure of the mother we also find the team of Xbox, who through his official Instagram profile shared a short themed video.

In the video in question, the initial path of a person's life is represented in a nice video game. Going into more detail, we can observe the character succeed in his intent to strengthen himself, acquiring new weapons, finding valid teammates and falling in love with a young princess; all by listening the valid advice offered by the mother. The following message was published to accompany the post: "To complete with the maximum score the"Game of Life", The best tutorial to follow is that of our mom".

During the passing of the day today, the counterpart too PlayStation is committed to publishing a post on social media dedicated to Mother's Day, which invites players to send her the wishes she really deserves. What do you think? Did you like the idea of ​​the two?

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