Morbius and Blade in the same movie? Jared Leto does not rule out the possibility

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Although at the moment the information on Morbius, license plate film Sony Pictures e Marvel Studios which will see the living vampire as the protagonist played by Jared Leto, are really tight, in the past few hours the well-known American actor, songwriter, musician and director has released a statement that has literally sent fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe into raptures. Morbius and Blade, who will be played in the reboot by Mahershala Ali, they could be facing each other in a crossover between the two cinematic universes! We report in detail the words of Jared Leto:

I actually almost played a vampire in the next upcoming movie, Morbius. He's a Marvel character, and they call him the 'living' vampire, so he's not really a vampire but he's kind of a super-something.

Could I cross paths with Blade in the future? This is a good question, and it could happen in the future. It could really happen, yes!

As you well know, the two films from the House of Ideas are part of two different cinematic universes, but given that in the trailer Morbius theVulture of Spider-Man: Homecoming, played by Michael Keaton, the possibility that the two characters cannot come into contact in the next films of Sony Pictures e Marvel Studios.

Waiting to find out more details on the film that will see Jared Leto play the famous living vampire, we remind you that the release of Morbius has been postponed again, and should debut in cinemas on January 21, 2022. Furthermore, as stated in recent weeks by Leto himself, the brilliant scientist suffering from a rare blood disease will be an integral part of the Spider-Man universe. At the moment there is no news on when the new Blade di will be released Mahershala Ali, although it may still take a long time, as the film should be part of the Phase 5 of Marvel Cinematic Universe. 


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