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It doesn't matter which Android device or mobile phone network you are using. The error “Mobile network unavailable / No mobile network” is the most annoying thing. The bad or good thing about this error is, there is no specific reason behind this error.

The bad or good thing about this error is, there is no specific reason behind this error. Mobile network unavailable / No mobile network can occur due to several reasons. And it is not possible to correct this error if we do not know the real cause.

Many Android mobile phone users have reported a “Mobile network unavailable” error message when they try to make calls. Regardless of who the network operator is, the methodology involved in running in the background is the same.

The first advice I use for any kind of problem is to turn off the device, remove the battery and the SIM card. If your mobile does not have a removable battery, you simply need to turn it off for 5 minutes.

The normal causes that could be behind this error: low signal strength, roaming, problems with the network settings of the Android device. Well whatever cause is behind this error, in this article I am going to tell you some methods to get rid of this error. And if any method worked for you, feel free to comment.

How to fix Mobile network unavailable

Network problems are very common among all Android errors, You often see your Android mobile totally losing connectivity and unable to recover the network signal. It is quite frustrating and takes too long to return to normal. In this article, we will tell you how to fix the mobile network unavailable error. So let's start with this.

Before reading our advice, let's do the litmus test on our SIM. Let's insert our SIM in another phone and see if it works. If the first phone doesn't work, let's try it on a second phone.

We often blame the phones right away, but instead it is our SIMs that are technologically advanced and therefore may have malfunctions on some phones. If the SIM on other phones works, you just have to keep reading the article.

How to fix the mobile network unavailable error

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You can apply this procedure for most Samsung devices, but in order to solve follow all the steps carefully.

Method # 1.

  • Open Settings on the Android device.
  • Tap Wireless & networks.
  • Tap Mobile networks.
  • Now select network operators.
  • By default you will find it selected on automatic mode.
  • Instead select the mobile network manually.
  • Restart the device.

Method # 2.

  • Open the dialer on your device.
  • Now type * # * # 4636 # * # * into the dialer.
  • A new test menu will be shown.
  • Tap on Phone / Device Information.
  • Click on test ping Run.
  • Select GSM Auto (PRL) from the list.
  • Tap on Turn off radio.
  • Reboot the device.

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Method # 3.

  • Go to the Device Settings.
  • Click Device Information.
  • Tap Software Update.
  • Check if an update is available.
  • Install the latest update on the device.

Method # 4.

If none of these methods work we have one last option you will need to do a factory reset.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Backup and reset.
  • Now select Factory data reset.

o 4 B

  • Turn off the device.
  • After that, hold the Home, Power and Volume Up buttons all together for a few seconds until the Android logo appears on the screen.
  • Release the buttons, then use the volume down button to highlight any option and the Power key to confirm. Highlight the factory reset option and confirm it using the power button.
  • Then, select “Delete all user data” and confirm it.
  • Wait a few seconds to see the 'Reboot system now' option and select it. The phone will restart and you will need to set it up again from scratch.

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5 method

Most of the people are faced with "an error while searching the net". This problem is caused by the fact that the SIM card is not placed correctly, so the phone is not available in case of a network error. To fix this, go to:

  • Settings
  • Mobile network settings
  • While in the mobile settings, you need to hold down the power button and home buttons at the same time until the device turns off.
  • While the phone is off, gently remove the battery
  • Press the Home button and the Power button 10 times together
  • Then, press and hold the power and home button for 1-2 minutes to discharge all electrostatic charge
  • Insert the battery
  • Boot the Samsung Galaxy with the SIM card
  • Do not insert the back cover yet.
  • While the phone is on, remove then insert the SIM card 3 times.
  • You will be prompted to restart your phone.
  • Restart your phone and you will no longer see the error while searching for the network.

Other tips:

Disable the network using airplane mode

  • Go to settings> more> Turn on airplane mode.
  • Now your mobile networks and WiFi will be disabled.
  • Wait at least one minute, then turn off airplane mode.

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Deactivate and activate the SIM card

  • Open Settings App> Go to SIM & Network> Tap on SIM showing Network Unavailable Error> Tap the button above the SIM name to deactivate the SIM card> OK.
  • After a minute, tap the same button to activate the SIM card. Hope the error is resolved.

Network settings reset

If you have made some changes to the network settings, this could be the reason for “Mobile network unavailable error”. And by resetting the network settings you can easily fix this error. The network reset option will apply the default settings for the SIM cards without resetting the entire device.

  • Go to Settings> Backup & Reset> Network Settings Reset.
  • Now above the reset settings button, you will get a drop down menu for choose your SIM card.
  • Select the SIM card showing the “Mobile network unavailable” error, then click the Reset settings button.

This option resets WiFi, mobile data and Bluetooth and will take a few seconds. And if the problem is with both SIMs, use the same method with the second SIM.

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Check the SIM card and slot

If none of the above network settings work on your device, there may be some possible reasons behind the “Mobile network unavailable” error.

  • Once the SIM card is inserted, turn off the device and remove the SIM card. Wait a few minutes, then reinsert the SIM card and start the device. (Insert the SIM card correctly)
  • If after reinserting the SIM card, the error still occurs, then turn off the device again. And this time try another SIM card in the same slot.

Now two things can happen: if it doesn't work, even after changing the SIM card, you need to go to a service center.

On the other hand, if it works with a different SIM card, the problem is with the SIM card. Maybe the SIM is damaged or the mobile network for that SIM is not available in your area.

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