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    Mirror's Edge Catalyst "Greetings from Sebb" guide [Trophy / Objective]

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    Mirror's Edge Catalyst "Greetings from Sebb" guide [Trophy / Objective]


    In this guide we see how to perform the move combo to unlock the "Sebb's Salute" trophy / achievement in Mirror's Edge Catalyst.

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    To unlock this trophy you must first unlock the "somersault" movement from the move screen. Then find any wall that has an object / trampoline from which to jump onto the wall and a nearby pipe that can be reached by running on the same wall, do as shown in the video:

    Sprint, use the trampoline, run on the wall, swing from the pipe, do a somersault - Result unlocked !!!

    Everything must be done at maximum speed, you probably won't be able to do it on the first try. Study well the moves you need to perform in the combo, in the screen of the movements for each move the keys to press are indicated. Remember to do everything in quick succession, make no mistake by putting other unsolicited movements in the middle and be careful not to interrupt the focus.

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