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The eShop created by Nintendo does not aim to offer immortal masterpieces or unforgettable milestones of videogaming, but economic and fun pastimes, able to engage the players for a few hours, at an affordable price. Sports video games lend themselves particularly well to this, as the discreet Let's Golf! Gameloft 3D: now is the time to go back to the green, but this time it's Shin'en Multimedia, better known for the Nanostray series, to take us to the mini golf courses with a port of the original Fun! Fun! Minigolf proposed a few years ago on the WiiWare channel. Compared to the Wii version, of course, there is an extra dimension and a touch control system ...


The title of Shin'en Multimedia's minigolf is a bit odd but it goes straight to the point, since what Fun! Fun! TOUCH miniature golf! trying to offer is a healthy dose of fun without too many pretensions. We are talking about a purely arcade video game, based on a rather particular "sport", in which the goal is extremely simple: hit a ball and hit the hole at the end of the "track". Easier said than done, however, when the terrain that the ball has to cover is full of obstacles of various kinds: gradients, slides, ducts and other amenities with the very specific task of deflecting our ball and preventing it from reaching the half. From this point of view,

Fun! Fun! TOUCH miniature golf! it is also quite severe, as the small plastic ball must necessarily reach the area immediately surrounding the hole for the shot to be considered valid. This "rule" is the main source of frustration in an otherwise carefree game, each shot requires great precision and careful evaluation of the trajectory, obstacles and physics involved in any collisions. Said so, it almost seems that Fun! Fun! TOUCH miniature golf! is a real golf simulator; in reality, playing is very simple and it is possible to control the shots in two ways: the traditional method obviously allows you to use the buttons of the Nintendo 3DS to orient the shot and hit the ball, while an unprecedented option allows you to touch the touch-screen to perform the same actions. This method actually leaves a lot to be desired, the impression is that the game does not interpret the player's input in a sufficiently precise way, making the operation more awkward than intuitive and the shots, of course, much less effective; considering the difficulty of some challenges and the reduced margin of error granted to many shots, when the slightest imperfection or the most imperceptible of inclinations can completely deviate the trajectory of the ball, it is definitely better to position and shoot with the greatest possible precision.

The 3D effect

As was to be expected, Fun! Fun! TOUCH miniature golf! it does not sport a particularly important three-dimensional effect: by activating it, you can enjoy a little more spectacular shots and a greater sense of depth at the time of the shot, nothing that, however, can influence your performance in a decisive way.

Golfers by chance

From a technical point of view Fun! Fun! TOUCH miniature golf! does its duty adequately: remember that it is one of the cheapest games in the eShop, yet the settings appear colorful and quite varied, despite the discreet poverty of details or animated elements. The player is represented by his own Mii, in a version that is actually a bit rough, especially on the side of the animations that characterize shots and victory dances:

they should be funny and witty, but they actually look a bit grotesque. Fortunately, the Mii can be dressed up with a ton of clothes and objects that can be purchased in the special menu: this virtual "shop" is the heart of the game and actually represents its real longevity. The forty or so pitches and tracks in the game, set in Europe, Asia and America, allow you to earn the appropriate money necessary to buy not only the clothing of your Wii alter-ego, but also other useful accessories such as clubs and special balls that can affect the shots, improving the player's performance. In addition, it is possible to unlock new races, in particular a series of very particular challenges in which it will not be necessary to hit the hole, but rather to bounce the ball so that it hits the coins scattered on the course, making use of any obstacles. Unfortunately, this discreet variety of content forces the player to continually repeat the races already completed, since the coins needed to go shopping are given with a dropper. Fun! Fun! TOUCH miniature golf! it therefore becomes repetitive very quickly and many of the available contents can only be unlocked after repeating the ones already unlocked indefinitely, in a vicious circle that makes the Shin'en Multimedia product less long-lived than it tries to be.



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Fun! Fun! TOUCH miniature golf! it is a fun and technically more than decent pastime, if we consider the few euros of cost. The variety and growing complexity of the challenges guarantee a few hours of healthy fun, although undermined a little too often by some defect; the real problem, however, lies in the grueling repetition of the races to which you are forced to unlock new content. Played in small doses, however, it remains a rather enjoyable and carefree product.


  • Low price
  • Good variety of content
  • Some challenges are very ingenious
  • No multiplayer mode
  • Imperfect touch controls
  • Repetitive
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