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By virtue of its hybrid nature, Nintendo Switch it soon became the ideal place to offer quick-to-use titles, especially indicated for those who intend to alternate more demanding game sessions with others in the name of simplicity and immediacy. It also belongs to this second category Dream Dreams, simpatico Platformer developed by SiliconJelly, originally designed for iOS and Android devices. After debuting five years ago and returning with a second adventure on smartphones and tablets (as well as on PC) in 2016, the cute little dog Mimpi is now also on Nintendo eShop, bringing with it a very basic but well-tested play approach. The conversion made by Dreadlocks offers in turn a gameplay very classic, based on the presence of platforms and environmental puzzles, where the traditional control system is alternated with the use of touch screen controls integrated in the Switch hardware. Here's what our feelings were after having had the opportunity to play it.

Mimpi's sweet dreams

Anyone who owns or has owned at least one dog in the course of his life cannot fail to feel a natural sense of sympathy towards Dream, the furry protagonist of the game. If you belong to the category, it will not surprise you even to know that our intrepid four-legged friend loves to have a sacrosanct sleep curled up in his warm and comfortable bed. Starting from the aforementioned assumptions, maybe sometimes you will have wondered if even dogs ever dream. The developers started from this simple question, imagining seven two-dimensional worlds born from the dreamlike wanderings of the creature that lends its name to the work. A nice one comes out of it voyage, relaxing and unpretentious, within settings that alternate the presence of platforms with the resolution of very basic puzzles. The same simplicity also pervades the narration, entrusted solely to the representation on the screen of the actions performed by the characters and the use of a series of cartoons in which visual communication takes the place of words. On the other hand, this is exactly what one is led to think, when one imagines the way of thinking of an animal.

The main limitation of Mimpi Dreams, at least in the eyes of an already experienced player, is inherent in its extreme simplicity. In some phases it is necessary to alternate the use of the analog stick, used to manage the movements of the protagonist, to the management of thetouch interaction. The result is elementary but well thought-out solutions such as the activation of mechanical devices, the movement of objects and the alteration of the scenario in order to unlock the passage towards the end of the level. From this point of view, the formula proposed on the piece of furniture has been kept substantially unchanged. The available levels follow one another seamlessly, allowing you to reach the epilogue in less than two hours. Nevertheless, the opportunity to resort to a series of visual clues was retained, which can be collected along the way and then used if necessary if you get stuck during the resolution of a enigma. All in all, an eventuality more plausible on mobile, where the catchment area is on average more casual than any other gaming platform, including Nintendo. To be honest, in this case at least a little foresight has been introduced, aimed at those who want to add a little spice to the levels proposed by Mimpi Dreams: by selecting the Challenge mode it is in fact possible to face the seven levels currently available having only one life available. In this case, the main objective is therefore to push yourself along the path as long as possible without making mistakes. Moreover, even by accessing this section, the game maintains a rather marginal degree of difficulty, since the individual stages were not designed to test the user's skills.


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Mimpi Dreams is a very traditionalist title; the limitations of the interaction are overcome by a pleasant design of the levels, which, despite their simplicity, can be played easily. However, a further effort would have been appreciable as regards the conversion of the work on the Nintendo Switch, especially in light of the longevity factor. The introduction of the Challenge mode is better than nothing, as well as the presence of two extra stages compared to the original edition, but we still felt the game ended too quickly. On the other hand, even bearing in mind these mild additions, we are talking about a title that on Switch is offered at a significantly higher price than the really paltry one of the edition proposed two years ago. In light of these considerations, trying it on a smartphone or PC can still be considered the preferable solution.


  • Good level design
  • Colorful scenery
  • Relaxing to enjoy
  • Very simple
  • Longevity reduced to a minimum
  • Few additions compared to the mobile version
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