Metro Last Light: Where are all the pieces of equipment located?

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Metro Last Light: how to unlock the Equipped Achievement / Trophy


In this guide we see how to unlock the Trophy / Objective "Equipped" by Metro Last Light.

Find all the equipment hidden in the swamps

Still collectibles for Metro Last Light, this time we are going to find some extra equipment.

Where are all the pieces of equipment located?

The pieces that make up the equipment to be found are 16 in total and are found in two chapters of the game, "Sunset" and "Twilight". In the first you will find 9 while in the second you will collect the remaining 6. Some equipment is found in different types of crates, others appear as ammunition or weapons placed on the ground.

The matter is complicated a little because in the swamps there are more crates, weapons and ammunition than those actually required to unlock the result. So, in order not to complicate your life, when in doubt, COLLECT.

In the following videos, however, you can see which are exactly the 16 pieces of equipment to be collected to unlock the result.

After you have found all the pieces in the "Sunset" chapter remember to complete the chapter, otherwise your progress will not be saved and you will have to repeat all over again. After finding the remaining pieces in the "Twilight" chapter, continue to the end of the chapter to unlock the achievement.

Before leaving you to the videos I remind you that the Metro Last Light trophies and achievements guide is available, a help to unlock all the game achievements.

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