Metro Last Light: Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]

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Metro Last Light: Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]


Here is the list of Metro Trophies for Playstation 3: Last Light

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



Kill 100 human enemies.
Kill 100 mutants.
Stealth kill 15 enemies.
Set 2 enemies on fire at the same time.
Destroy 50 lights.
Turn off 40 lights without destroying them.
Always on guard
Deactivate 10 traps.
Business man
Complete 100 purchases.
Walking bank
Accumulate 1000 military-grade bullets.
Use all the musical instruments in the game.
First draft
Write 10 secret pages of Artyom's notebook.
Complete the training sequence.
Not a rabbit
Finish the ASHES level without getting hit.
Perfect escape
Escape the Imperialists in the EMPIRE level on the first try.
Invisible intruder
Complete the SEPARATION level without killing anyone or setting off the alarm.
A gift
Collect the special pistol from the locked box.
Belly 10 spiders.
Complete the ECO level without being spotted by the Wardens.
Patron of the arts
Watch the entire play.
Fuori controllo
Kill all armed enemies, including reinforcements, on the REVOLUTION level.
Hurry up
Kill all the Keepers before they reach the wagon.
Rescue the women and children on the BANDITS level without setting off the alarm.
Kill 5 shrimp with one grenade.
Find and return the teddy bear to the crying baby.
Fall 10 times in the swamp.
Find all the equipment hidden in the swamps.
Forgotten treasure
Find the ammo hidden in the abandoned part of the station in the QUARANTINE level.
Thirst for blood
Kill all the Reds in the CHALLENGE level.
Van Helsing
Kill a demon using the Khel'sing.
Rain man
Complete the BRIDGE level without killing anyone.
Back to the past
Experience all the visions in the Dead City.
No guns in here
Kill 10 enemies in a row with throwing knives.
Kill at least one enemy with every available weapon in game.
Install all possible modifications for a weapon.
Complete all 43 secret pages of Artyom's notebook.
Invisible Savior
Complete the WAREHOUSE level without killing anyone or setting off the alarm.
Invisible soldier
Complete the REVOLUTION level without killing anyone and setting off the alarm.
True Spartan
Defend the platform without dying.
Shadow Ranger
Complete the game without killing any humans unless forced to.
Platinum trophy
Collect all trophies.


Metro Secret Trophies: Last Light

Free the prisoners.
One step away from death
Escape the Red Line.
There 's no one home
Ignore the phone call in the anomaly.
Discover the reds' plan.
Kill the Mammon.
Take off your mask when Lesnitsky asks you.
Kill Pavel.
Guardian of the forest
Save the bear from the Keepers after the fight.
Have Moskvin reveal the truth with the help of the Bleak.
That's life
Destroy the D6.
Save the D6.

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