Metro Last Light: guide to musical instruments [Musician]

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Metro Last Light: guide to musical instruments [Musician]


What does someone who wanders around in a land completely contaminated by radiation do, where those who do not have a gas mask are a dead man, and those who have a gas mask die bitten by all kinds of amenities? Simple, play the guitar.

Among the various collectibles to collect in the story of Metro Last Light (consult the tricks and guides tab to see the other guides dedicated to the topic) there are also musical instruments. There are 17 tools in total and you will need to collect them all to unlock the trophy / achievement "Musician".

There are 4 different types of instruments to collect: guitar, accordion, balalaika, piano. To unlock the result, it will not be enough to play one of each type, but you will have to find them all 17. Not only that, it is essential to find them all during a complete game, so if you reach the end of the game and you missed one, recover it with the "select chapter" option will not allow you to unlock the result. You will have to start the game over and collect them all without skipping any, in the normal course of a full campaign.

Below are a couple of videos showing the location of all of Metro Last Light's musical instruments. Good luck

The guide to unlocking all Metro Last Light achievements and trophies is available.

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