Metro Last Light: guide to Artyom's notebook pages

Metro Last Light: guide to Artyom's notebook pages


In this guide we see how to unlock the Trophy / Objective "Published" by Metro Last Light.

Complete all 43 secret pages of Artyom's notebook

To unlock this achievement you will have to find all the collectibles of Metro Last Light, or the 43 pages of Artyom's secret diary. 

The enterprise is not difficult at all: in the game menu you can go to the "Diary" item at any time to see how many pages you need to find in each chapter and how many you have already found. Once you take a page it will be saved automatically, so you don't necessarily have to go to the next checkpoint to save your progress.

If at the end of the story you have lost a few pages, you can always replay the relevant chapter by selecting it from the "Select chapter" menu.

Here are a couple of videos showing where all the pages of the Metro Last Light notebook are located.

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