Metal Gear Solid: the first two chapters and Metal Gear available on GOG

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After the release of Metal Gear Survive which took place a few years ago and was received in a mostly negative way by fans, Konami it didn't seem willing to take further advantage of what its flagship franchise is on balance. This, together with the farewell of Hideo Kojima, marked the death of the series on balance. In the last few days, however, some rumors who saw the well-known Japanese software house intent on rework some titles of the iconic video game series, in order to make them fully accessible even on PCs by modern operating systems. This rumor, in the last few hours, has found confirmation. In fact, Konami has decided to put a hand to the Metal Gear Solid saga and to make some chapters of the series available on PC through GOG.

The chapters in question are the first episodes of the series Solid, or Metal Gear Solid and the second chapter Sons of Liberty, the latter in the Substance version, and the very first Metal Gear of 1987. The first Metal Gear has the cost of 5,99 €, while the other two are available at 9,99 € the one. Furthermore, Konami always on GOG has made available the Konami Collector's Series: Castlevania & Contra at the price of 5,99 €.

Below you can find the links that take you back to the GOG pages of the titles:

  • Metal Gear - GOG
  • Metal Gear Solid - GOG
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance - GOG

In the last few days the saga has returned to be talked about. According to what emerged from the statements of the reliable leaker RedGamingTech, it would seem that the development of a remake to PlayStation 5 of the chapter released in 1998 on PlayStation. It should be a very similar remake to what happened with Final Fantasy VII e Demon's Souls, again according to the statements of the insider. Later the following chapters should also arrive up to the fourth but only remastered in high definition. Obviously we are only talking about rumors that we invite you to take with a grain of salt

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