Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes: All the easter eggs and trivia in the game

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Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes - All the easter eggs and Trivia


It wouldn't have been a Kojima game if it hadn't been properly stuffed with lots of easter eggs.

All the easter eggs and trivia in the game

As he has always accustomed us, the good Kojima has also included in Ground Zeroes a long series of curiosities and easter eggs more or less hidden in the various game environments.

Obviously many of these revolve around the events of the entire saga, so those who play a Metal Gear for the first time may also find themselves in front of the ester egg and not understand it. Whether you are a longtime fan of Snake or a simple "novice" it still matters little, in this guide we will try to collect them all to see (for the first or the umpteenth time) how crazy that Kojima is there.




1) To whom "Cameo" Hideo
After completing the main mission you will unlock the side missions. At the end of one of these, Secret Agent Rescue, you will discover that the undercover agent you just saved is none other than the creator of the series, the legendary Hideo Kojima. If you get a rating of A or lower, Hideo will dismiss you with a "Why did you take so long", while with the S you will get a nice "Perfect". Watch the video

2) Kojima becomes impatient
After completing the secondary mission "Secret Agent Rescue" Kojima will appear next to Big Boss in the mission selection menu. If you stay in the menu without doing anything, he will start playing with the selection of missions. We are only at the beginning! Video

3) Easter eggs mission "Dejà Vu" (PS4-PS3 only)
As you already know if you have read our guide to the extra mission "Dejà Vu" (on Xbox it is called "Jamais Vu") by completing the game and collecting all the XOF badges we will be able to play an additional mission which on Playstation is called "Dejà Vu" . This mission also features several easter eggs:

  • FoxEngine and Foxdie: entering the detention cages of prisoners of war discover the effects of the infection of the very dangerous FOXDIE virus on the FoxEngine of MGS ground zeroes. Your screen will also be affected ... Watch this VIDEO and this VIDEO.
  • Deep Throat: this is a clear reference to the Ninja of the first Metal Gear. AVAILABLE VIDEO
  • When nature calls: another clear reference to the original Metal Gear, if you have played it you cannot fail to remember the soldier Johnny who on more than one occasion showed how annoying and embarrassing the irritable colon can be. Will he be the one locked up in the bathroom? AVAILABLE VIDEO
  • The game box: once again that genius of Kojima breaks the 3-dimensional barrier that cages all other games. In the last scene that needs to be recreated in the Dejà Vu mission there are no clues in the game menu but, as suggested in the dialogues themselves, the proof is in the back of the game box !!! This also happened in the first Metal Gear, when the only way to find the frequency to talk to Meryl was to read it in one of the images on the back of the game cover. And then tell me if he's not a genius. AVAILABLE VIDEO
  • All Metal Gear logos: scattered throughout the game we find several logos related to the series: the Metal Gear Rising logo, that of the first Metal Gear and others, some invented for the occasion. You will notice that by pointing the light above, these logos will slowly disappear, while if you aim the directional microphone Miller will provide various info on the games in question. Finally, if you make all the logos disappear with the light Psycho Mantis will appreciate you as great amateurs of Kojima games.

4) The scene after the credits
The game is short (in a speedrun it was possible to complete it in less than 7 minutes), but the sequence of credits at the end of the game lasts 12 minutes. If you want to wait, as per tradition in the series, also in this metal gear you will be rewarded with a short scene that refers to the real Metal Gear Solid 5. If you want, watch it in this video

5) Give me a half-length
Those who have not played the previous Metal Gear may not know that during the intermission scenes it is possible to slightly vary the angle of the camera to your liking. In Ground Zeroes, at least for the moment, nothing has yet been discovered, but know that in the previous chapters several easter eggs could only be discovered by moving the camera manually in certain scenes. Take a good look around, you could be the one to discover something.

6) Have you found any others?

Having played all the previous Metal Gear the doubt that Kojima's various easter eggs and trolls are not just the ones we have just listed. If you have discovered something else, please write it in the comments, we will add it to the guide immediately. Thanks for reading.

Important: consult the guides tab of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes for other useful guides on this game, such as the guide to unlock extra missions and many others.

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