Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]

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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]


Here is the list of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Trophies for Playstation 3

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



File R-00: status - closed
Complete File R-00: On Guard.
File R-01: status - closed
Complete File R-01: Coup.
File R-02: status - closed
Complete File R-02: Research Lab.
File R-03: status - closed
Completa File R-03: Mile High.
File R-04: status - closed
Complete File R-04: Hostile Takeover.
File R-05: status - closed
Complete File R-05: Escape from Denver.
File R-06: status - closed
Complete File R-06: Showdown.
File R-07: status - closed
Complete File R-07: Assassination Attempt.
Steel tail
Cut Metal Gear RAY's metal tail during File R-00.
It is forbidden to use the flash!
Destroy all SMG cameras in File R-01.
Dwarf Raiden
Disable all soldiers in File R-02 using a Dwarf Gekko.
A walk in the dark
Complete the Underground Railroad Sequence in File R-03 without using AR mode.
Danger to society
Cut the pinnacle on top of the pagoda in File R-04.
La grande fuga
Complete File R-05 in under 7 minutes.
Surprise Attack!
Arrive at the target in File R-07 without being detected.
Antiyborg feelings
Destroy 100 Cyborgs in Story Mode.
The bigger they are ...
Destroy 100 custom cyborgs in Story Mode.
Demilitarized zone
Destroy 100 heavily armed cyborgs in Story Mode.
Destroy 10 Gekkos in Story Mode.
Gorilla king
Destroy 10 Mastiffs in Story Mode.
Extinction of the dinosaurs
Destroy 10 Raptors in Story Mode.
Destroy 5 Vodomjerka in Story Mode.
Wolf Hunter
Destroy 10 Fenrirs in Story Mode.
Destroy Slider
Destroy 10 Sliders in Story Mode.
Take them all down
Destroy 10 Hammerheads in Story Mode.
In search of the little ones
Destroy 30 Dwarf Gekko in Story Mode.
Remove the mask
Destroy all humanoid Dwarf Gekko in Story mode.
Zandatsu vampire
Successfully perform 50 Zandatsu in Story mode.
What does not kill you...
Successfully parry 10 attacks in a row during Story Mode in one minute or less.
Killer behind closed doors
Successfully perform 30 Ninja Kills during Story mode.
Don't run away from opportunities
Successfully perform 50 executions during Story mode.
Love your neighbor
Successfully complete 10 battles without killing during Story mode.
Assault with lethal weapon
Dismember three enemies with a single attack in Blade mode.
Cut and slice!
Kill 100 enemies by slicing them in Story Mode.
Love at first sight
While remotely driving a Dwarf Gekko, find and communicate with all Dwarf Gekkos.
I love capitalism!
Obtain all customization items.
Left-handed fans
Obtain all left hands of enemy officers.
Find out all the soldiers hidden in the cardboard boxes.
Data extraction
Get all data storage devices.
Humanitarian assistance
Save all civilians.
Comprehensive analysis
Unlock all RV missions.
Master of RV
Complete all VR missions.
God of thunder
Complete Story Mode on Revengeance difficulty with all S ratings.
Radio amateur
Listen to most of the conversations about the codec.
Virtual God
Set the record in every RV mission.
Collect all trophies.


Secret Trophies Metal Gear Rising Revengeace

The prodigal killer
Defeat Mistral without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.
Destroying genius
Defeat Monsoon without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.
Really human
Defeat Sundowner without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.
Chosen by history
Defeat Samuel without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.
The policy of censorship
Defeat Senator Armstrong without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.
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