Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - How to earn infinite bp money / credits [360-PS3]

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - How to earn infinite bp money / credits [360-PS3]


Because "money" is never enough for me !!

And yes, in video games as in real life the coin, pecuniary, banknote, money, are never enough. Fortunately for you also in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance you can take advantage of an exploit on the rescue system that allows you to earn infinite money (BP points).

The trick to use is the usual one that we have already seen in other games: when you reload the game from a checkpoint, the enemies and the crates containing objects are reset and reappear, but the credits you have taken up to that moment remain saved. At this point just find some areas that contain large amounts of credits, clean them, reload the checkpoint and repeat the process by accumulating the BP indefinitely.

1 method
In mission R-01 when you get close to the destroyed Ferris wheel, search the vicinity to find a chest that holds 5.000 BP (credits). Get them, call Courtney with the codec and restart from the checkpoint. The cashier will be there again, as will all the credits you have already taken, so repeat as many times as you like to add 5.000 credits to your account each time. Here is a video showing the process

2 method
This method can be used in Chapter R-04, right after beating the boss Monsoon. Here too you will find large amounts of credits, the procedure is always the same. Watch the video

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