Max Payne 3 - Tips for dealing with HARDCORE difficulty

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Max Payne 3 - Tips for dealing with HARDCORE difficulty


La Hardcore difficulty by Max Payne 3 it could prove to be quite "painful" even for the most savvy players. To avoid cursing more than you should, your Fragger wandered around the net a bit and collected a series of advice which could prove to be decisive tips in the very hard undertaking that you have decided to face.

The game ad HARDCORE, LAST BREATH or OLD SCHOOL it will be very weak especially for those who are not very familiar with third person shooters, you die very quickly and also very easily. Enemies will only need a few hits to match your Max then take advantage of the following tips which may seem obvious but it is still very important to fix them well in our creaking head:

  • Coverage is very important in this difficulty, if you go ahead with your head down and arms at your fingertips you will soon discover that you have chosen a strategy that is nothing short of failure. In the game it is possible to take cover behind almost everything, don't pretend you don't know and use the objects around you to your advantage, that bald Max will thank you.
  • Don't waste Bullet Time. this mythical feature will be very useful, and if on the easiest difficulties using it was a whim on Hardcore difficulty it becomes a necessity (unless you have challenged some friends to those who die several times in 3 minutes). Remember that it can be deactivated with the same button you activate it with, so use it only for what little it takes to get yourself out of trouble. It is always a good advantage to have a small supply.

  • always aim for the head. I don't mean that you have to be there to aim to try to place the bullet between the eyelashes and the nose, but when you shoot always aim between the torso and the head. In this way you will have very high chances of hitting the enemy and at the same time good chances of hitting some headshot, which will free you of the unfortunate with less effort.
  • Take your time. Calm is the virtue of the strong and to finish Max Payne 3 on HARDCORE difficulty you will have to be very strong. If you have lost patience because in the last 2 hours you have only moved 12 meters in the current level, then move on to play something with the Kinect. It's a pretty tough challenge and you need to be focused to win it. Don't aim to complete the level, but aim to reach the next checkpoint. In this way it will take you a little longer, but on the other hand you should repeat it a dozen times less.

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