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Dying Light: Guide to Finding All Materials [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


In games like Dying Light, crafting weapons and items is a crucial aspect of gameplay, so crafting materials also play a major role. But where are they located?

Materials guide for crafting

As we have already seen in the guide to all the projects of the Dying Light weapons, in the game you can really build a lot of things. In the following list I propose the list of all materials that appear in the recipes to prepare the various objects with indicated i places where you are most likely to find them.

  • Alcohol - look for in refrigerators and freezers
  • Batteries - in toolboxes
  • Chimici – Cabinets, Kitchen Areas
  • Duct tape - in toolboxes, work tables
  • Electronic parts - in toolboxes and closed cases
  • Gauze - medicine cabinets, bathrooms and the like
  • Home Supplies - inside the houses
  • Metal parts - in garbage cans, or by dismantling possessions
  • Nails - in warehouses, warehouses and furniture inside homes
  • Plastic - in closed toolboxes and crates
  • Electric wire - industrial areas and warehouses
  • Rope - in the furniture inside the houses and in the chests
  • Jar - in closed toolboxes and crates
  • Toxic plant - climb rocks / ravines
  • Seaweed - coastal area, underwater
  • Common plant - out of town
  • Fluorescent mushrooms - in caves and caverns
  • Blade - toolboxes
  • Nocturnal gland - search the bodies of the nocturnal dead
  • Lightning bolt fabric - search for dead lightning bolt bodies

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