Mass Effect 3 - Love Story with Diana Allers [love affair guide]

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Mass Effect 3 - Love Story with Diana Allers [love affair guide]

And yes! You may not know it but in Mass Effect 3 it is possible to enter into a love affair even with the beautiful journalist Diana Allers and in this guide we will see just what needs to be done to start the love story with her.

Before starting I recommend that you also read the guide dedicated to all love relationships which contains everything you need to know to fall in love with the various characters of Mass Effect 3.

Some follow SPOILER on the character of Diana Allers, but which do not concern the general plot of ME3

  • you can start the story with her regardless of whether your Shepard is male or female;
  • in the dialogues always choose positive and kind answers, generally they are the ones that are at the top of the answer wheel;
  • early in the game you will find Diana Allers in the Normandy dockside waiting room. Talk to her and grant permission to join the crew and enter the Normandy;
  • between one mission and another, continue to visit it to give interviews in order to increase confidence and intimacy.
  • continuing in this way will at some point ask you for an appointment in your cabin for a private interview where you can consolidate your relationship;

Once this is done you will not be far from the final scene of the story with Diana Allers.

If in the game you have chosen another character to start the story with, but still want to see the final sequence, here is the video of the scene.

Obviously this video is one SPOILER

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