Mass Effect 3 - Guide to N7 Missions and related rewards [360-PS3-PC]

Mass Effect 3 - Guide to N7 Missions and related rewards [360-PS3-PC]

During the campaign of Mass Effect 3 we will run into minor conflicts, short but well done secondary missions that will gradually appear on your galactic map. It's missions N7 which, although not as articulated as the main story missions, offer weapons and rewards worthy of the effort required to complete them. Here's how N7 missions are located and what rewards you can unlock by completing them.

Cerberus Lab
Where: in the Normandy check your email to receive the mission from Admiral Hacket.
Important items: medi-gel, enhanced optics for the sniper rifle
Multi-Map: Glacier

Cerberus Attack
Where: During the Tuchanka mission: Turian Platoon.
Important items: diagrams, Armax Arsenal gloves
Multi-Map: Giant

Cerberus Abductions
Where: During the Attican Traverse: Krogan Team mission.
Important items: plate, capacitor helmet
Multi-Map: Ghost

Cerberus Fighter Base
Where: After completing the Priority missions: Tuchanka.
Important items: schematics, Pistol magazine upgrade
Multi-Map: White

Fuel Reactor
Where: After completing the Priority missions: Perseus Veil.
Important objects: medical treatment plan, Rosenkov Materials Chestplats
Multi-Map: Reactor

Communication Hub
Where: After completing Priority: Horizon.
Important items: Cerberus codes, Ariake Greaves technologies
Multi-Map: Dagger

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