Mass Effect 3 - Changes and differences for those who import saves [360-PS3-PC]

Mass Effect 3 - Changes and differences for those who import saves [360-PS3-PC]

Over the past few years we've played several titles that in one way or another have given us the ability to take advantage of bailouts from previous chapters of the same series.

Among these it is undoubtedly Mass Effect the one that manages to give the greatest depth in terms of playability and plot to this feature and Mass Effect 3 will certainly not be outdone, indeed, this time the lords of Bioware have increased the dose.

The main question is this:

what changes in Mass Effect 3 when we import saves from Mass Effect 2?

Importing the saves into Mass Effect 3 will result in many differences in the plot depending on the actions performed in the previous chapter. Not only that, you will find a large number of benefits and bonuses if your Shepard's journey continues directly from the space adventure of the first Mass Effect (remember that the transfer of the rescues was also possible between ME 1 and ME 2). There are so many changes to list and some are certainly not known yet. In this guide, in addition to explaining the general functioning of the transfer of saves, we report a list of known factors that will change depending on the choices made, after a transfer of the saved game from Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3.

If you have already played ME 1 and ME 2 read quietly, otherwise pay attention to the reports in RED to avoid spoilers on the first two chapters of the series. To avoid accidental reading, we have shaded the parts containing SPOILERS in gray (these are, however, minor spoilers that do not affect Mass Effect 3)

General Information:
- Mass Effect 3 does NOT accept saves from Mass Effect 2 if Shepard was killed during the game's final mission. END SPOILER
- Mass Effect 3 only accepts saves from Mass Effect 2. This means that in order to import saves from Mass Effect or Mass Effect Genesis you must first switch them from Mass Effect 2 and then switch to ME 3.

Levels and skills:
- Characters transferred to Mass Effect 3 from Mass Effect 2 will retain their level and skill. The maximum level has been increased to 60 in Mass Effect 3. You will earn points for upgrading the team's abilities based on the imported level. If you import a level 30 Shepard you will have one point added in each power plus another 59 to spend at your convenience.
- Credits and resources are reset and not transferred.

Upgrades to the ship:
- Primary upgrades to the ship are carried over. All other upgrades and research provided by Mordin will NOT carry over.

Character transfers from Mass Effect 1:
- One of Ashely williams and Kaidan Alenko dies during the assault on Virmire. The one who survives between the two will be available as a teammate in Mass Effect 3.
- Shepard can kill or spare Wrex during the Virmire mission. If killed, an even more gruff Krogan will take charge of the Wrex clan. If rescued, Wrex will become the leader of his clan and help Shepard whenever he gets the chance.
- Queen Rachni can be killed or released during the Noveria mission. If released, an Asari will contact Shepard on Ilium in Mass Effect 2 and the story will continue in Mass Effect 3. END SPOILER

Character transfers from Mass Effect 2:
- Tali and Garrus will be available as teammates in Mass Effect 3 if they survive the Suicide Mission.
- The remaining squadmates (Samarra, Jack, Thane, Jacob, Kasumi, Taylor, Mordin, Legion, Miranda and Zaeed) will appear in Mass Effect 3 if they survive the Suicide Mission. END SPOILER

Love stories with teammates:
Romance stories with the following companions carry over from Mass Effect 2 and continue in Mass Effect 3.
- Ashley Williams: Appears only if she survives the Virmire mission in Mass Effect 1.
- Garrus Vakarian: Appears only if he survives the Suicide Mission in Mass Effect 2.
- Kaiden Alenko: Appears only if she survives the Virmire Mission in Mass Effect 1.
- Liara T'Soni: She will still appear in Mass Effect 3. Answers change depending on previous actions.
- Tali'Zorah: Appears only if he survives the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2. END SPOILER

Other characters:
The following characters will appear in Mass Effect 3 optionally or as prominent NPCs. Their presence and behavior varies according to the saved save.

  • Admiral Hackett
  • Aria T'Loak
  • Armando-Owen Bailey
  • Captain Kirrahe
  • Conrad Verner
  • David Anderson
  • Doctor Chakwas
  • Udina
  • EDI
  • Engineer Adams
  • Jack
  • Jacob taylor
  • Joker
  • Kasumi
  • Kelly Chambers
  • Legion
  • Miranda
  • Mordin
  • Samara
  • Thane
  • The Illusive Man
  • Wrex
  • Zaeed

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