Marvel's Spider-Man: Silver Lining, the review of the third DLC

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There's no two without three. After playing the previous two chapters of the DLC series entitled The City that Never Sleeps, the review of Silver Lining brings us to the definitive epilogue of Marvel's Spider-Man. As promised, Insomniac Games has in fact released on PlayStation 4 the new additional content just in time for Christmas, thus respecting the schedule announced months ago. In a New York that has long since freed itself from Kingpin and Sinister Six, it's time for our friendly Spider-Man to come to terms with Hammerhead, a really tough guy to give up. So we just have to put on the costume again, to get ready to spin all together for the last time among the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

PlayStation 4 Trophies

Like its two predecessors, Silver Lining introduces a total of six additional Trophies to Marvel's Spider-Man. Their subdivision was also done in the same way, with the only Gold type obtainable simply after completing the part of the DLC dedicated to the story. To collect all the others you have to complete some specific missions, as well as get busy in the challenges of the ever-present Screwball.

The Plot: Hammerhead back to office

The Silver Lining DLC ​​begins where its predecessor Contended Territories (our review here) ended, namely with the main villain Hammerhead defeated but not definitively neutralized. After recovering, the boss continues his work of mopping up the weapons left by Sable International in New York following the facts told in the base game, thus managing to significantly upgrade the equipment of their henchmen. As well as Black Cat had been the undisputed protagonist of the first DLC The Robbery only to be shelved in the transition to the second package, after having been an important figure in Contesi Territori Yuri Watanabe leaves the scene, to give way to a new helper for our Spider-Man. It is obviously about Silver sable, returned to the city to stop Hammerhead from stealing her technologies. Without going into too much detail, we just say that the plot runs away without any particular upsets from the narrative point of view, adding another couple of hours to the overall playing time counter. Some issues such as the one related to Yuri Watanabe are liquidated a bit quickly, to leave room for the preparation of an epilogue that already after the first stages of the game is quite predictable. Continuing with the similarities towards the previous DLCs, in Silver Lining it is once again the co-star who strikes the most: in the case of Silver Sable, the final chapter resumes the relationship between enemies / friends between the superhero and the mercenary, forced to ally to defeat the upgraded version of Hammerhead. The dynamics of the relationship between Spider-Man and Silver Sable pass through the inevitable bars of the first, putting the second in a position to give depth to its interpretation by going through a small moment of growth. As for Hammerhead, we must confirm what was said in the previous DLC: the bad guy on duty continues to lack the charisma necessary to make him a fearsome villain, thus removing the bite even from the final fight itself.

The gameplay: room for action

To prepare the player for a showdown with Hammerhead, Silver Lining moves his focus on pure action. The more reasoned game dynamics, such as those dedicated to small puzzles, are therefore (almost) definitively set aside. The special enemy units seen in the previous chapters return once again, unleashing a series of high-tech weaponry capable of engaging even the most skilled Marvel's Spider-Man player. Between big machine guns, shields, whips and jetpack there is really to be worried, and in fact the level of challenge presented in some moments is confirmed to be quite high. Those who hoped to see something new will therefore remain dry-mouthed, but to gain is the spectacularity of the actions we find ourselves performing in the role of Spider-Man: between aerial fights to stop enemies equipped with jetpacks and skilful uses of the cobweb to remove us. don't worry, there's really no need to be bored. Some scenes are among the most exciting among those we have had the opportunity to carry out so far, thus highlighting the choice of Insomniac Games to focus on action with this DLC. Secondary activities include the usual Screwball organizing diabolical games, along with clearing out the hideouts of Hammerhead's henchmen scattered throughout New York. There are also new costumes to unlock, including one dedicated to the film trilogy signed by Sam Raimi. Going to conclude the considerations on the trio of contents offered by The city that never sleeps, even if the epilogue is not as strong as we expected, we must say that returning to New York was worth the total price of the ticket. The first chapter The Robbery (here our review) remains what we liked the most: we don't want Hammerhead or Silver Sable if we fell in love with Black Cat.


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  • The contents of Marvel's Spider-Man end with dignity
  • Good characterization of Silver Sable
  • Lots of action to wallow in ...
  • ... to the detriment of other activities
  • Hammerhead continues to lack charisma
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