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I still remember, about two years ago, when Marvel's Spider-Man entered the life of gamers: we had already played many titles on Spider-Man, but seeing him live this gem of Insomniac Games it was something too exciting. It was also exciting to think of all the subplots, the constructions made by the writers, the dynamics implemented in the game: every single piece designed to build a video game that could embody a character that was always too big for any type of media - comic aside. Obviously, the success was such as to drive all gamers crazy, Spider-Man fans or not. Today, after 2 years, we return to circle the island of Manhattan no longer with our beloved Peter Parker, but with a character that we got to know in the first game. Here is our review of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Who is Miles Morales?

Many will know Spider-Man: A New Universe, Sony's hit film that is still on everyone's lips for the way it was revolutionary. A little less, however, I believe that gamers will know the original story of Miles Morales. Created in the Ultimate universe, he replaced Peter Parker after his death in that alternate universe. Only a few years ago, due to the confluence of the various universes, Miles ended up in the same Earth as the original Peter Parker, alongside our renowned hero many times, also dedicating himself to his demons and participating in every mega-reunion made of the various Spider-Man of the Spiderverse. In more recent stories, of course, the idea of ​​the Ultimate Universe has been eroded in favor of a mere previous presence of the boy in New York City.

The idea of ​​Miles Morales in this Gamerverse is not so different from that of the comic: another spider, another bite, similar powers and many adventures together. Of course, the differences are substantial: it is a younger character, a different social background and therefore also slightly different everyday stories. For the rest, however, the concept is always the same: powers, responsibilities, especially after the disappearance of a loved one. The story of Miles resumes shortly after the end of the first Marvel's Spider-Man: moving to Harlem, the plot unfolds along a succession of events that will lead him to find his identity, become the Spider-Man that the city needs and clash with enemies on duty. This time in fact, although Rhino was already known to most for his presence in the previous chapter, the new bad guy on duty is Tinkerer, in a very different version from the Repairman we know from comics but still intriguing to discover.

The story of the game lasts no more than 7 hours, short enough to make this title enjoyable and at the right price of 60 €. Obviously there are collectibles to find, side missions that are really interesting and more complex than the previous ones, objectives to reach and scenes to unlock that will move the hand on 14/15 hours, but nothing more.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Change of Rules

In Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales something changes: we know our Peter Parker well, with a high IQ and capable of creating a mixture that will become his web. Miles is no different, but he certainly has less scientific experience than Peter, and this affects his gadgets, which are limited to just 4 different types. On the other hand, Miles' radioactive spider - as in the film and in the comic - gives the boy powers similar to the original Spider-Man, but with some improvements: in fact, Miles can become invisible and hit enemies with a poisonous blow, called in the game Venom. This poison is nothing more than bioelectricity, capable of stunning enemies in various ways. In the game these two extra powers will become real substitutes for Peter's various gadgets, articulating the game in a different way.

For example, by charging the Venom bar, Miles will be able to attack enemies with various very powerful attacks, capable of breaking impenetrable defenses and creating real damage. Of course, this bar can also be used for healing (as in the previous chapter), and it's up to you to manage it. The other power, invisibility, will be a cloaking bar that will allow you to become invisible to use stealth moves, or to disappear once discovered. For the rest, this Spider behaves like the original: it jumps, swings, can climb and will use all the moves provided - with a little more youthful style - to defeat the enemies of the moment. Speaking of the enemies on duty, the soldiers of the Sable have been replaced by the Roxxon now, while we find the usual prison escapees who will make us suffer between car chases and robberies.

However, you will also hear the change in the sounds: in fact, the music of the game, inspired by the style of the protagonist, is much closer to R'n'B, sometimes distorting the original music with really not bad twists. The dubbing is obviously of the highest level, and every single sound reproduced in the game becomes an instrument within the orchestra of the city, alive and pulsating as never before. However, the top is reached in seeing quality on PlayStation 5: You will be able to play Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales in Fidelity Mode (30 FPS 4K with Ray Tracing and graphics enhancements) and Performance (60 FPS 4K without Ray Tracing). Obviously the game lends itself a lot to 60 FPS - and the quality doesn't even drop that much - but being able to experience the game with Ray Tracing active is something fantastic: every shot of light, reflection or detail of the road is close to reality, in a way rarely seen in video games (especially on consoles).

Finally, we remind you that the game comes out in two versions: the aforementioned Standard from 60 €, which will offer you the adventure of Miles Morales, and the Deluxe Edition from 80 €, which with 20 € more will allow you to have the original Marvel's Spider-Man adapted for Next-Gen.

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